“Make it clear”
The deputy editor smiled bitterly: “But Teacher Shadow will not listen to our company’s Chief Han. Han Jimei also said that Tribe Comics will give Shadow the greatest creative freedom.”
“Do you understand now?”
/Ling Kong glanced at the audience: “My predecessor spoiled all the cartoonists, especially the head cartoonist. Of course he can continue drawing if he wants, but the recommendation should be appropriately reduced until he realizes his achievements. , I’m really sorry for his treatment. I believe you are very clear about my philosophy: word of mouth is worthless in front of sales, and this will also be the philosophy of our website in the future.”
The deputy editor said: “But Shadow promised to open a new comic.”
“Double opening?”
Other editors expressed surprise.
One of the editors hesitated slightly and said:
“The fact that Teacher Shadow decided to double-open shows that although he did not fully comply with your request, he still gave in. Teacher Shadow has never given in to the company in his previous three comics.”
Many people around him nodded.
Many of you here are old editors from the Han Jimei era.
These old editors all know that Shadow has a relatively strong attitude when communicating with Tribe Comics.
Before the release of “Spirit of the Shokugeki”, Han Jimei had persuaded Shadow to change his mind because the market for food comics was not good.
But Shadow didn’t pay any attention.
This time Shadow is willing to double-open, which can indeed be understood as a step back, which is already very rare.
Ling Kong’s face softened slightly: “If that’s the case, that’s okay. Cartoonists are very similar to those sour literati. I can understand the good face, and I can also give them this face. What is the theme of the new work?”
The deputy editor’s voice was very low.
Lingkong thought he heard wrongly.
The deputy editor’s voice was even softer, like a mosquito, but the audience heard it clearly.
Swish, brush, brush!
Everyone’s expressions suddenly became strange.
Ling Kong’s eyes twitched hard.
kidding me?
Continue writing reasoning?
Who doesn’t know that the poor performance of “Kindaichi Boy’s Chronicle” is due to the word “reasoning”?
This stuff is so niche!
As a result, his new work was in conflict with reasoning, as if he had to use reasoning to prove himself, and he was completely confused!
/“I think it is understandable for Shadow to do this. He is very powerful. He must continue to draw reasonings because he has summed up the lessons of “Kindaichi Boy’s Incident Book”.”
The editor-in-chief who said that Shadow had taken a step back bravely spoke up.
“Shut up!”
Lingkong interrupted the other party coldly: “Either change the subject, or lower the contract salary, and forget it, this time I will talk to him in person!”
Lingkong said coldly: “Do you call this concession? I think this is provocation. He is not solving the problem at all but going further and further down a problematic road!”