Ordinary god-level gods don’t have high-level artifact armor and main-level artifact long swords, let alone mastering the most peak combat skills, the ‘God of War’ talent. These are enough to make up for the weakness of the god’s body.
The most critical thing is that David discovered that the four demigod clones could not wait any longer and needed to go to the divine world immediately for promotion.
This is an extremely important matter. Once the four demigod clones are successfully promoted, David’s power will almost be stabilized, and no one can shake him.
/So David summoned all his combat power, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ clone, the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ clone, the ‘Half Spider Emperor’ clone, the battle body clone, plus the black dragon Alexis With god-level clone clones, and ‘Shadow God’ clones.
The combat power that David can mobilize includes six gods and one god. Such strength can protect the four demigod clones from being promoted successfully. He hopes that there will be no trouble.
He sent all his combat power into the small world of soul space, and then he opened a space wormhole leading to the ‘safe point of the divine world’.
When David left the Zerg world, the ‘Mother Queen’ and the five Zerg gods all sensed that the eight ‘Emperor Heritage Patterns’ disappeared simultaneously.
This situation made the ‘Mother Queen’ even more certain that the eight ‘Emperor Level Heritage Patterns’ fell into the hands of the same group of forces, and they should all be related to the demigod Arthur.
Only if they belong to the same group of forces, will the eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ all stop absorbing the power of faith. That is when eight strong men with ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ left the Zerg world.
It’s just that the ‘Mother Queen’ and the five Zerg god-level people can’t figure out what’s going on, so all eight strong men with ‘Emperor-level inheritance patterns’ need to be dispatched.
Appearing from the ‘Godly World Safe Point’ five hundred meters underground on Garmi Star, David waved his hand and activated the ‘Breaking Sky’ talent to open a space channel.
Through the space channel, he appeared in the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’ above the planet Garmi.
The fifth-level priest Coolidge welcomed David’s arrival with a great gift in the most devout manner. After praying in the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’ for such a long time, he had long become the most devout believer in the ‘God of Destruction’.
“Great Lord, please give me your orders!” the fifth-level priest Kulic said humbly.
“Fully open the ‘Space Temple of Destruction’, scan all suspicious life within the range, and kill it immediately if found. I allow you to unlimitedly use the power of faith!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Yes, great Lord!” Kulich’s fifth-level priest responded respectfully.
Coolic’s fifth-level priest skillfully operated it, and he soon discovered that there was a steady stream of power of faith pouring out of the statue of destruction. Every time he opened a divine pattern array, he