big hole. After the altar was blown up, the passage to the world of death was not closed.

Hel mustered up the courage to cast a Feather Falling Technique on himself, and then jumped towards the entrance of the cave.
The speed of landing was quite slow, and Hull was not worried about falling into the world of death. The so-called passage could only allow energy to pass through, and entities could not enter at all.
/If another dimension was so easy to open, artifacts like the Immortal Throne would not be unusual.
The big hole was deeper than imagined. The further down he went, the more pressure he felt increased. The surrounding area was very cold, and the air was highly corrosive.
The ring that Dosalun gave him contained protective magic. Heer thought about it and finally did not use it because he was worried that using protective magic would cause other changes.
As the height dropped, he felt that his body was gradually being eroded, and he couldn’t even stand the undead state.
But suddenly, Hull felt that the inner breath was unconsciously operating according to the context and path of “The Great Joy of the Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth”!
As the inner breath flows, bits and pieces of cold breath penetrate into the veins.
That was the true essence of Taiyin. Hull always thought that Taiyin could only be absorbed from women. The Taiyin he absorbed was really out of proportion to the pure Yang he got.
This was originally a concern in his mind, because he did not want to harm a woman’s life for the sake of cultivation. He did not expect that there would be such a strong Yin energy in this kind of altar.
The rich taiyin was quickly absorbed into the body and mixed with the excess pure yang. Hel knew that it was best for him to practice cross-legged at this moment, but he couldn’t calm down.
Continuing to descend, about one or two kilometers, Hull suddenly felt a vibration in the soles of his feet, and he finally touched the ground.
There seemed to be something on the ground. He used his blind sense to scan it, and his hair stood on end. The ground was covered with white bones. These are all human bones, and I don’t know how many people were buried.
He took a few steps back to the side. When he felt a little calmer, Hel carefully searched around.
After groping in the dark for half an hour, he determined that this was a large cave, no less than the largest squares in Raymond.
Such a deep place cannot be an underground cave. It must have been dug using special methods.
There are many magic patterns on the surrounding walls. These magic patterns were carved on the rock wall in advance and then inlaid with some kind of metal. One of the metals could be touched, but he could not see it with his blind sense. The other metal, The blind sense swept back and was immediately transmitted back ten times and a hundred times.
Hull was immediately overjoyed, because what the blind sense could not see could only be mithril, and what could it be if it were not the black crystal gold, which is known as the ultimate al