es, the king is not a fool, so how can he not take countermeasures?

If it is completely left alone, I am afraid that within twenty years, one-third of the minor nobles in the kingdom will be shuffled out.
If the time is extended to fifty years, I am afraid that more than half of the noble families will disappear in the long river of history.
The disappearance of a large number of small nobles will inevitably push up the tide of territorial annexation in the kingdom, and eventually form an oligopoly model of the big nobles.
We can all see the problem clearly. Could it be that His Majesty would not think about it?
There are many measures that can be taken to avoid the worst situation, for example: the kingdom provides knights with Warcraft mounts.
Another example: recruit small nobles into the kingdom’s standing army, use Warcraft mounts as daily equipment and directly equip them to the entire army, and then set a service life that can be owned for a long time.
/All in all, there are plenty of measures that can be taken. Now we just need to take advantage of everyone’s panic and make a small profit. ”
“But Hudson, we don’t have any Warcraft in our hands! In the entire Koslow family, you are the only one who has a dragon and a bear, and no one else has even touched the shadow of the Warcraft.
Even if there will be many female beasts coming to breed in the future, most of the cubs belong to major forces, so the number we can keep will not be too many.
/If you make too many promises and fail to deliver them when the time comes, it may affect your reputation! ”
Nelson reminded seriously.
No matter how important making money is, it is not as important as Hudson’s personal reputation. As the only card-carrying figure in the Koslow family, Hudson’s credibility must not be compromised.
As long as the time period is stretched out long enough, these are not problems. If you explain the problem clearly in advance, everyone will understand.
To give everyone peace of mind, we can provide a refund service at any time before delivery without any fees. ”
Hudson said calmly.
It looks like he is selling Warcraft, but he is actually selling futures.
From the moment of artificial breeding, it was destined that the value of current Warcraft and future Warcraft would not be at the same level.
The only uncertain factor is that the market is monopolized by the big nobles.
As a vested interest group, it is an instinctive sense of self-protection to set barriers for latecomers.
In order to maintain the monopoly advantage, it is normal for strategic resources such as Warcraft mounts to be set at a sky-high price.
“Hudson, you can extend the time period, but you don’t need to refund money at any time!
If something unexpected happens midway and all risks fall on us, the losses will be huge. ”
Looking at Nelson with a question mark on his face, Hudson knew about this high-end gameplay, which once again refreshed his knowledge.
“The risk is too great, Nelson, you are still too young!
Remember one sentence: Risk always be