d under these pirate flags.

The roaring magic crystal cannon sounded again, and the three Holy See warships, which were attacked from both sides, still could not escape.
After the war ended and the pirate ships disappeared, the warships in the port slowly sailed out to “search for the remnants of pirates” on the sea.
The fateful Powell had just been fished out of the sea. Before he could speak, he heard:
“The captain caught a remnant of the pirates. This person actually wanted to get away with using the uniform of the Holy See. Such a vicious pirate should be hanged directly!”
Powell woke up and shouted hurriedly:
I’m not a pirate!
/I’m not a pirate!
However, his body was exhausted and he really couldn’t break free from the shackles on his body. The result of his roaring was that he got a few big mouths.
The leading noble officer, while whipping Powell, said disdainfully: “After all pirates are caught, they will say that they are not pirates.
Such a little trick is just to fool people.
Let me tell you, old boy, if I say you are a pirate, you are a pirate, no matter what! ”
With a “whoosh” of the rope, Powell was hung on the mast, bounced twice before going to meet the Lord of the Morning.
Good things don’t go out, but bad things spread thousands of miles.
The news that the three major fleets of the Holy See were completely annihilated quickly spread throughout the continent, and everyone was shocked by the news.
The most direct impact is that the five grassland countries, which were originally busy bargaining, reached an agreement with the Alpha Kingdom at lightning speed.
On the Holy Mountain, Pius VII gritted his teeth and said:
“This is impossible!”
“How could the three major fleets be completely annihilated?”
“Even if all the naval fleets of the Alpha Kingdom are gathered together, they will not be able to match the three major fleets!”
Roaring can’t solve any problems. More and more evidence shows that the three major fleets have indeed been annihilated.
After Pius VII calmed down, Ulisse slowly said: “Your Majesty, all three fleets have lost contact, and we are trying to find survivors.
According to the information from the Northern Continent Branch, the Alpha Kingdom fleet launched a large-scale campaign in the name of exterminating pirates five days ago, but it has not returned to the port yet.
In addition, the fleet of the Hessian Kingdom has also shown signs of large-scale deployment recently. However, their fleet was deployed for a short time and only wiped out a few pirates.
Our people have observed from a distance that the fleet of the Hessian Kingdom did not suffer much loss, and it does not look like it has participated in a major war.
/Besides, there was not enough time, so it was basically certain that they did not join forces with the Alpha people to attack the three major fleets.
This explanation obviously did not satisfy Pius VII. Before the three major fleets went north, everyone assured him in unison: the Alpha Navy was no match for their own fleet.