the royalists.

Falcon Kingdom.
The leaders of the emerging aristocratic group looked at the dead body of Henry V in front of them, and their faces were gloomy and terrifying.
There are rumors in the outside world that they committed regicide, but in the conscience of heaven and earth, they really never thought about regicide. The death of Henry V was completely accidental.
/After the coup, when the royal capital was under siege, the panicked Henry V put on the clothes of a servant and tried to escape from the palace.
However, it was this suit that killed him!
The soldiers who besieged the palace did not know the king. When I saw someone trying to escape, I stopped him without thinking.
During the chaos, Henry V was hacked to death by the soldiers of the coup, and the label of regicide fell directly on the coup plotters.
Even if you want to explain it. It became an established fact that the king died under random swords, and it was their subordinates who killed him.
If you say it has nothing to do with you, who would believe it?
With the king dead, the situation was bad enough, but he didn’t expect that two other direct members of the royal family would also meet the Lord of the Dawn in the chaos.
“The coup led to the death of the royal family”!
Anyone with a little bit of political acumen now knows how much trouble this incident will cause. This can no longer be solved by throwing a scapegoat to take the blame.
Everyone present, and even the entire emerging aristocratic group, were all involved in this wave.
Escape, that’s impossible. Even if they want to jump over it, the established noble camp will not accept a noble suspected of regicide.
/“Viscount Catalino, this operation was directed by you. Shouldn’t we be given an explanation when something like this happened?”
Viscount Frolov on the side took the lead in making trouble.
An ordinary coup turned out to be a political stain that he could never wash away. If looks could kill, he would have torn the boss of the emerging aristocratic group into pieces.
“Explanation, what explanation do you want?”
“It is true that I planned the coup, but the specific action plan was planned by you together.
At that time, I was strongly opposed to attacking the palace. If some people hadn’t repeatedly emphasized that they wanted to keep the king in their hands, how could there be today’s passive situation?
Now that things have reached this point, you, me, and everyone present, don’t even think about escaping unscathed now.
The old aristocratic group will not let us go, and it is impossible for the countries in the mainland to tolerate the regicide alive. Even if he is just implicated, the killing is wrong. Don’t let it go!
Whether you regret it or feel upset. Anyway, at this point, we are all in the same boat.
Either ride the wind and waves and gallop on the sea; or be knocked over by the wind and waves and fall to the bottom of the sea to feed the fish! ”
Viscount Catalino said with a sneer.
If the pot were smaller, he, the nominal boss, might actually b