er heavy losses.

“Baron Kettle, if you insist on keeping these slaves, then take them home and raise them yourself!
Slave traders are not welcome in Dadir City, and I will immediately enact a set of laws prohibiting the slave trade here. ”
Sith said coldly.
As a lord, he has the right to legislate in his own territory.
If the creditors were not so powerful, Baron Kettle could have made his own laws to keep out all the creditors.
“Dear Sith Baron, I don’t want this either. But there is no way. If I deal with these slaves now, all my investment will be in vain.
According to the agreement, my debt period is only half a year. If you cannot repay the debt within six months, you can imagine the consequences.
If you can come forward and get the creditors to agree to postpone debt recovery, I will immediately do what you want!
If you can’t do it, then there is no other way but to let you go first. Do whatever you like, I won’t take them away anyway. ”
Baron Kettle said with a broken look.
Even if he offended the Sith Baron, it was better than being hunted down by his creditors. Now among the two counties of Wright and Wyton, Baron Sith has the strongest family fortune.
Apart from relying on him, Baron Kettle could not find a better way.
“This is impossible! You have too many debts, and I don’t have the face. If I have the time, I might as well beg your father.
If Viscount Hank Cage is willing to come forward, maybe everyone will give you another chance.
Maple Leaf’s territory is fertile, and as long as you manage it carefully, you can still hope to pay off your debt within five years. ”
The more he spoke, the lower his voice became. It was obvious that the Sith Baron himself did not believe this nonsense. No matter how fertile the Maple Leaf Territory is, the territory still has expenses!
A wealth accumulation model that only calculates income and does not consider expenditures is purely rogue.
There are many territories that can earn tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of gold coins a year, but there are only a few territories that can still have a balance of tens of thousands of gold coins after all expenses.
Not to mention the Maple Leaf Territory, even if Dadir City is managed, the Sith Baron cannot guarantee that he will be able to have a balance of tens of thousands of gold coins every year.
/If we simply calculate the territorial income, each of the five wealthy families in Northern Xinjiang occupies more than one province, with an annual income of millions of gold coins. But in the end, are they still unable to make ends meet?
It can be maintained because the great nobles have other industries.
Including the Sith Baron who wants to build Dadir City into a commercial center in the south. On the surface, it is for tax purposes, but in fact it is to gather popularity and develop his own industry.
Relying solely on that little tax might not even be enough for daily expenses.
The real money comes from leasing/selling shops and residences in the city, as well as selling food,