rshal Hudson is patrolling the sky on a dragon.

Once caught, they will be demoted in a downgraded manner, or thrown into the “Warrior Camp” to receive meritorious service.
/The competition within the nobility is also fierce. The children of the nobility who join the standing army are basically the lords who have no inheritance of fiefdom. Why are they still waiting to make achievements on the battlefield?
Downgrading will not only reduce their official position, but also their success rate in making achievements.
Generally speaking, the more senior generals are, the more secure they are and the easier it is to accumulate military merits. In many cases, they can obtain a lot of military merits through the hard work of their subordinates.
In comparison, middle- and lower-level officers have a much harder time. As the specific executors of strategies and tactics, they often undertake the most dangerous tasks.
In previous wars, the casualty rate among the nobles of the Kingdom of Alpha has remained high. The main reason is that the middle and lower nobles often have to personally lead the soldiers to kill.
Throw it into the “Warrior Camp”, let alone that. Performing a hard task with a near-death experience, the credit gained from completing the task must first be used to offset the mistakes made before.
It can be said that from the moment you step into the Warrior Camp, you have already said goodbye to “success and fame”. Some are just hardworking penancers.
Everyone was holding their disappointment in their hearts. If you decide to follow Hudson and steal the army, you will definitely not be impatient.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, just record it down first. Go back and copy it back intact, just copy it and see the effect.
Knowing that someone was stealing the army, Hudson did not interfere.
With so many officers and soldiers participating in the training, someone will always record it. From the moment the training begins, it is destined to be impossible to keep secrets.
Even if it is plagiarized intact, the effect cannot be replicated.
The soldiers in front of me all came from the battlefield. Although most of them were from the logistics troops, they had seen blood on the battlefield.
It is not as good as the previous standing army. That is because the kingdom’s original standing army was stationed on the border all year round. It had conflicts with the orcs from time to time, and occasionally went deep into the orc empire to cause trouble.
Even in peacetime, thousands of people are lost in combat every year. If one’s own abilities were not good enough, he would have been eliminated long ago.
With sufficient supplies of materials, veterans have a high probability of transforming into elites after rigorous training.
It would be difficult for ordinary serf soldiers to achieve this effect without seeing blood on the battlefield.
For half a month, there were no new ideas in physical training and queue training. The occasional combat training was just a few simple hacking and stabbing mov