hen never cared about this. He said, “Then let He Yang talk to you. Don’t play tricks.” The best trick.”

hen never cared about this. He said, “Then let He Yang talk to you. Don’t play tricks.” The best trick.”
Fan Zhen said that this agreement would take two days at the earliest, so Wang Longchuan could only be temporarily detained during these two days. In order to prevent things like Yan Mingliang and others from happening again, someone needs to monitor them 24 hours a day. , since he only trusted me, Fan Zhen said that he would have to work hard for me in the past two days. His plan was that it would be best for me to watch him at night. After all, the situation at night was complicated. He asked Zhang Ziang to come with me. If something happened, the two of us could work out something. During the day, he asked Gan Kai and Wang Zhexuan to come over and watch, while I took advantage of the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. After all, the case is the first priority, but the body is also the top priority.
Fan Zhen’s arrangement is very thoughtful and I have no objection.
/In fact, I have many questions to ask Wang Longchuan. He seems to know a lot of my secrets. What I want to know most is why Yin Yu killed people back then, why Wang Cheng has become like this in recent years, and Yin and I What is the connection between Yu’s murder case? I always thought that I was involved in a random knife, but it wasn’t until Wang Cheng said such weird words that night that I was completely shocked. It seemed that I had no idea about this case from the beginning. Staying out of the matter, if it is true as I think, then the whole case that happened to me does not start from that night when Ma Liyang said that I have no head, but should be traced back to Yin Yu’s murder.
/I don’t dare to think about what’s behind it, because the conspiracy always deepens step by step. Once you detect a conspiracy, many things that happen later will become part of the conspiracy, and this is the last thing I want to admit. I don’t want to admit it. I have been living in a huge trap. All the facts around me are lies. Even my parents are lies and deceiving me. I don’t even know who they are or who I am.
Not knowing who you are is the most terrifying abyss.
Perhaps when the time came, Zhang Ziang and I were together, and Wang Longchuan remained silent and never said anything again. In order to pass the time, I took a notebook to organize and record all the cases, and drew a relationship diagram. , not only for all cases, but also for each person. This drawing is very difficult. The evidence of the connection between cases and people is limited. In many cases, reasonable speculation is required. Once the speculation is incorrect in that place, , which means that this line may be wrong in the end, and I found that once a line is wrong, all relationships will have to be restarted, and there is a feeling that everything will be lost with one careless move, so I am even more profound. I understand what Fan Zhen has always said about the importance of evidence.
In a case like this, it can be said that it is almost impossible to move forwa