attlefield are not only humans, but we also have to be careful of knives coming from within.

Now you have a heavy responsibility, and any negligence may lead to heavy losses for our Behemoth family. ”
Crown Prince Alex reminded him earnestly.
What he originally wanted to keep hidden was pushed to the forefront, and he had to show some ability.
If you continue to act stupid, you will become really stupid. If something goes wrong on the front line, it will be a tragedy for him as the crown prince.
As for whether it will arouse fear from the outside world, at this point, how can we look forward and backward?
Running wildly on the horse road, when Hudson and his party arrived at the Southeast Province, the recruitment order from the royal capital had already arrived.
Even if the war horse has the blood of a magical beast, it is still a creature running on the ground and cannot be as fast as flying in the sky.
Before he could return to the territory, Hudson was stopped halfway by people from the Governor’s Mansion and invited to attend a military meeting in Beda City.
Different from the previous exclusion, at this critical moment, Viscount Sith, as the representative of the Northland nobles, also appeared in the conference room.
“I’m just waiting for you. Now that all the important personnel are in place, I won’t waste time.
You all must have heard what happened. The Orc Empire has begun to mobilize, and the Kingdom can only follow suit.
According to the intelligence collected by the kingdom, the total number of troops mobilized by the Orc Empire this time will exceed one million, and may even reach two million.
Even if the Warhammer Kingdom and the Principality of Moxi help share the pressure, this is still a battle related to our life and death.
The kingdom must go all out, and any negligence will bring bloody lessons.
According to His Majesty the King’s recruitment order, the Southeast Province will mobilize 30,000 troops in one month and send them to the front line to reinforce the northern Xinjiang defense line.
Everyone must know the list of the first batch of mobilized personnel.
Those young men have nothing to do and have no place to release their energy all day long, so give them a chance to serve the country.
I calculated that in addition to these people, there is still a shortage of fifteen thousand people.
/The gap isn’t that big, so I didn’t bother to subdivide it. Fifteen counties were present, each with a thousand people.
The requirements are simple and can be achieved. We can’t just send everyone to the front line. The reinforcements are there to guard the border, not to send heads to the orcs thousands of miles away.
You can discuss the specific allocation behind closed doors when you go back. Anyway, you must follow the rules. If any trouble occurs, you will be severely punished.
As the kingdom’s rear area, our southeastern province is at the back of the mobilization sequence. That’s because we have always shouldered the heavy responsibility of being the kingdom’s granary.
When all-