n he smiled with understanding. , and then he opened the second door, but the direction of the second door had changed. He said: “This way.” After

n he smiled with understanding. , and then he opened the second door, but the direction of the second door had changed. He said: “This way.” After
passing five doors in total, he came to a separate holding room. He opened the door and said: “Half an hour, I hope Captain He won’t embarrass me about the time.”
I said, “Don’t worry.”
Then he left, I walked in, and Fan Zhen was sitting inside. He was not surprised at all that I was here, as if It was as expected, and I was not surprised by his calmness, because a person in prison could still ask Zhang Ziang to bring me such a message, so he must be capable.
Fan Zhen looked at me and asked, “I didn’t ask you to come to me.”
So I sat down by the iron bed and looked at him. He didn’t change much, except that his clothes were changed into prisoner’s clothes. I asked him: “What was your order when you asked me to come to you?”
I said: “Actually, you already knew that you would be detained here. When you brought me to see Wang Longchuan, you knew that the incident would be revealed. Then When you brought me to see Wang Longchuan, it was secondary. Let me know that this place was your purpose, because you knew you would be here later. Let me come here to find you.”
Fan Zhen said: “Yes, for a while See, you are smart, and you used a good reason to come here. It can be said that the calculation is accurate and has almost no flaws.”
I said: “Everything I can do is within your calculation, otherwise you wouldn’t know how to do it. Send that letter to me. You left a question, knowing that I will definitely come and ask you.”
Fan Zhen didn’t speak, he just kept looking at me, as if he was observing me, and I continued: “It’s just If you make such a fuss, the minister may be suspicious of you.” Fan Zhen said: “He has always been suspicious, so he trusts you. He is also suspicious of Meng Jicheng, so there is an
for you to take advantage of.” Now that I can talk to Fan Zhen, I feel that the conversations I had with him in the past were like a child talking to an adult. I will never understand what he is thinking in his head or what he wants to say, but now I can understand. And also be able to talk to him using the same words.
I asked: “Is the liverless corpse part of the headless corpse case?”
/Fan Zhen shook his head but nodded again. I looked at him but said nothing. He said, “Yes and no, it depends on how you look at these two cases, because both cases are deeply involved.” Deeply
Now this liverless corpse cannot be compared with the involvement in the headless corpse case. Could it be that I haven’t even grasped the surface of this case? Moreover, I didn’t see the serial murder plot mentioned by Fan Zhen in this case. In the end, At least I didn’t see the part that was directed at me, except for the weird name on the tree, so I was very confused and wanted to see Fan Zhen and ask him clearly.
/Fan Zhen probably saw my doubts and that I was thinking deeply, so he said: “A leaf covering your eyes cannot see Mount Tai. You are too s