o give the nobles the confidence to fight against the temple.

“I still don’t believe it. If there are gods fighting the God of War remotely, I still believe it. It’s impossible for three gods to fight the God of War’s body in a draw!” The Savage Power God still doesn’t believe it.
The God of Savage Power himself is a melee god that is as rare as the God of War. He has fought with the God of War, so he naturally knows the terror of the God of War’s melee combat.
The feeling of having nowhere to use all his strength and being targeted at every turn during the battle made the Savage Power God almost go crazy.
Even after tens of thousands of years, the Savage Power God would feel chills from the bottom of his heart every time he thought about the battle with the God of War.
But the Savage Power God also understands how proud the God of War is. If his strength is not recognized, the God of War will not resist the Zerg God-level together with the black dragon Alexis.
“We will discuss whether we can cooperate with the demigod Arthur. The other direction I want to talk about is to cooperate with the dragon clan!” Death waved.
The words of the God of Death made the gods in the illusion still. The gods here all participated in the divine war with the dragon clan, and were also the survivors of that divine war that lasted tens of thousands of years.
In the age of the dragon, humans were enslaved, and the gods were careful to survive under the pressure of the dragon.
Until the gods could no longer bear the rule of the dragon, they raised their weapons and launched an attack on the dragon clan.
During that war, many planets were completely wiped out, and many gods fell into eternal sleep.
It was an era when gods emerged in large numbers. In that era, every human genius would be valued and trained by powerful gods to become new gods.
It is precisely because of the cooperation of the gods in the Age of Dragons that the number of gods has grown significantly.
At the end of the Dragon Age, it was a protracted divine war, and the entire world was filled with battlefields.
/The greatest advantage of the gods is immortality. As long as there are believers, the gods can hide themselves in the small world and rely on their divine thoughts to descend and attack the giant dragons.
Even if the divine body dies in battle, at most it will result in the loss of divine thoughts, and the damage to the divine body will be limited.
Coupled with the cooperation between gods, even if the gods are damaged, their believers will not be robbed, and there will be enough believers to provide the power of faith to restore themselves.
No matter how powerful the dragon clan is, they cannot sustain this war of attrition among the gods. The dragon is indeed powerful, the darling of the world, and the pride of heaven.
But because the dragon is too powerful, it is restricted by the big world, and its fertility rate is extremely low.
On one side are almost endless divine bodies, and on the other side are fewer and fewer giant dragons. The giant d