o their own subordinates. Other major forces cannot penetrate at all, and can only bribe a few fringe figures who are unwilling to achieve their goals.

The understanding of the Orc Empire comes entirely from the information provided by smugglers. This information was collected incidentally and is not professional at all.
If you want to cause trouble in the orc empire, the only thing you can rely on is the kingdom’s intelligence organization.
/Perhaps the five major families in the North also have spies inside the Orc Empire, but the relationship between the two parties determines that it is not something that Hudson can peek into.
“Your Majesty, please rest assured that apart from normal intelligence transmission, I will not easily use these intelligence personnel.
/Even if a task is assigned, it will be within their capabilities and they will never use the task to test their loyalty! ”
Hudson assured immediately.
It is not easy to penetrate into foreign races. The Kingdom must have paid a heavy price for establishing an intelligence organization in the Orc Empire.
The competition lasted for three days before it ended. Except for a few unlucky guys who were injured during the fighting, everything went smoothly and all parties were satisfied.
The dignitaries completed a political performance, the melon-eating masses watched the excitement, and the students showed their faces in front of the big shots.
As a special guest, Hudson and several ministers also served as award presenters.
As for His Majesty the King, who has the most distinguished status, he quietly left the scene before the game was over.
After suffering a loss, the royal family has learned its lesson and will not let strangers approach the king at all.
There are so many people at the scene, no matter how strict the inspection is, there is no guarantee that no assassins will sneak in.
Not only the king, but also all the dignitaries in the royal capital are surrounded by strict security measures. Only a handful of people who are strong themselves dare to travel alone.
What’s interesting is: the tighter the security measures, the greater the probability of being assassinated. On the contrary, he is traveling alone and is not the assassin’s target.
For example: Hudson, the dragon knight, often flew around in the sky, but he never encountered an assassination.
Few of the other eighth-level powerful men in the kingdom were assassinated. Those who are often patronized by assassins are usually nobles with weak personal strength.
Obviously, when an assassin takes an order, he also has to pick the weak ones.
With the completed magic crystal card in hand, Hudson returned home with satisfaction.
The next task is to distribute these magic crystal cards, which cannot be completed in a short time.
According to the standards set by Hudson, the bank’s customer base is not large, or even very small.
In order to ensure that these magic crystal cards do not become dead cards in the hands of customers, all magic crystal cards issued for free are bound to id