u suddenly sat up and opened his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Stuart asked slightly nervously.
“Go to the bathroom,” Adol replied in a low and erratic voice.
His face seemed paler and his lips became more blue.
Just as Stuart was about to speak, he saw Sherlock Moriarty standing up, nodding to himself and saying:
“I followed him.”
“Okay.” Stuart secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Klein put his hands in his pockets, walked one step behind Adol, and followed him to the bathroom door two rooms away.
Just as Adol was about to close the door, he suddenly saw a figure flashing in.
“I can’t let you out of my sight. Hey, just do whatever you have to do and pretend I don’t exist.” Klein smiled and leaned against the wall.
Adol remained silent, his eyes scanning unfocused, looking at the wash mirror.
He turned on the faucet and let the water flow down.
At this time, Klein took out a box of matches and lit one, as if he wanted to smoke.
However, he did not do this. He blew lightly and let the match go out.
Klein casually threw the match in front of him and took out another item.
Adol, who had his back turned to him, suddenly straightened up, and the figure in the mirror was as pale as a corpse.
In the bathroom, a dark wind howled. Adol didn’t move his waist or legs. He just turned around and stared at Klein’s left hand, staring at the delicate copper whistle that was constantly being thrown up and caught.
A gust of cold wind suddenly blew towards Klein’s face.
/His smile didn’t change and he snapped his fingers.
Suddenly, a flame rose from the ground and ignited the invisible figure.
The figure only struggled twice before completely dissipating, and the flames were extinguished.
Klein put away the Azik bronze whistle in his hand and looked calmly at Adol, whose eyes were gradually focusing.
Adol seemed to have had a long nightmare, and finally woke up.
He was confused when he saw a young man wearing a white shirt, dark trousers and gold-rimmed glasses standing a few steps away. He saw the man leaning against the wall with a smile.
Then, he heard a gentle voice:
“What happened to you?”
“What happened?”
Adol muttered this question in a low voice, unable to recall what he had done in the past few days.
He looked around like a sleepwalker, and asked in fear, panic and confusion:
“Who are you”
“This is where”
/“This is your bathroom. Don’t you recognize it? I’m the private detective responsible for protecting you.” Klein looked at the older boy opposite who had not figured out the situation and said with a low smile.
“What happened to the detective who protected me?” Adol looked around in shock and muttered to himself.
Suddenly, he paused, his pale face stained with unconcealable fear:
“Maybe, maybe there really are ghosts in this world. There are really ghosts.”
His voice was quite trembling, but Klein could hear two completely different feelings of fear and excitement, which were completely consistent with the emotional colors presented.
Excited: This is a boy who deliberately provokes res