hich party they attend, they will offend the other party.

As a last resort, everyone had no choice but to pretend to be sick, just to have fun and show off their gifts.
Also sick was Hudson. Although he said he would participate before, it was just a polite word, so how could he take it seriously.
He went to watch his competitors show off, causing trouble for himself for no reason, but his mind was not broken.
/What’s more, people who send invitations are just to be polite, and they may not really want Hudson to come and support him.
There is no point in making trouble. If it’s not a matter of life and death, why bother disrupting other people’s celebration banquets?
Nobles must be magnanimous.
It’s okay to stab each other secretly, but there’s no need to fall out openly.
Otherwise, if you mess up my banquet today and I mess up your ceremony, wouldn’t all banquets turn into a farce?
After preparing two gifts and sending them to each, Hudson returned his attention to the construction of his castle.
There are no new tricks. Except for some modifications in the details, the overall castle design still follows the local architectural style, which is somewhat Gothic-like.
The only difference is that Hudson’s plan is much grander than the average castle, with the main building covering an area of ​​1 hectare.
Counting the surrounding ancillary buildings, it is a city. The area enclosed by the city wall is 3.8 square kilometers.
If all the projects are completed, it will be a war fortress that can accommodate tens of thousands of people, rivaling the Essel Fortress.
If it were before this, if a baron wanted to build a war fortress, there would definitely be an uproar.
But if it were a fiefdom viscount, it would be much more normal. Almost all fiefdom viscounts will build their own cities.
Including Dadir City, where Viscount Sith is located, is the result of the previous noble lords’ own management.
The kingdom will only allocate funds to build cities in northern Xinjiang to resist the invasion of orcs, and will not take care of other areas at all.
Anyway, no human country will invade the Alpha Kingdom. This is a tacit understanding among the countries on the mainland.
Limited by financial resources and manpower, generally speaking, the construction of noble castles took a long time.
Three or five years is normal, and ten or eight years is not surprising. It is possible to plan grandly and continue building for several generations.
Hudson has been working on it for a year, but the Lord’s Mansion has not yet been completed, which is within the normal level recognized by everyone.
All this has become faster with the addition of Bear Stearns.
It is more difficult for ordinary people to transport boulders weighing several tons or dozens of tons than moving at a snail’s pace.
But when it comes to Bear Stearns, it’s almost like playing.
Boulders weighing several tons or tens of tons are toys in the hands of cubs. For a while, they played a game of tossing the ball, and for a while, they held it in circ