o keep his promise.”

Klein didn’t turn his head and smiled and said:
“I’ve been to No. 48 Riverbend Avenue. Your parents have moved away.”
“Inevitably, they will not only move away, but also move to a place I don’t know.” Emlyn White responded without hesitation.
Klein added in a rather relaxed tone:
“They moved in such a hurry that they didn’t take away a lot of things, like the ones in your room.”
Emlyn White’s expression suddenly became extremely exciting. He opened his mouth, stood up suddenly, squeezed out from Klein, and rushed towards Bishop Utravsky in front of the Holy Emblem of Life.
“Father, Bishop, I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home,” Emlyn shouted loudly.
Seeing that there were still believers who had not completed the Holy Communion ceremony, Father Utravsky did not respond, but just looked at the poor vampire calmly.
Emlyn suddenly closed his mouth and became quiet.
He was pacing back and forth, looking anxious.
Klein stood up with a smile, took his cane and hat, and walked along the aisle to the front row of the church’s prayer hall.
After the Holy Communion ceremony was over, he walked to Father Utravsky’s side and said with a serious face:
“Bishop, I don’t know why you let Emlyn stay here, and I don’t want to know. I only know one thing. His parents entrusted me to take him back.”
If this giant-like priest easily agrees to my request, then he can only light wax for the vampire Emlyn. No, from today on, he must hate candles, so he might as well observe a moment of silence, Klein thought to himself.
Father Utravsky looked down at them and replied with a gentle expression:
“Emlyn can go home at any time.”
Klein glanced at Emlyn White, raised his right hand, and tapped his chest.
He originally wanted to click clockwise to form a crimson moon, but in the end he forced himself to draw the triangular holy symbol.
Emlyn was quite uneasy when he saw him. Without saying anything, he rushed directly to the door of the church and left the place smoothly.
Klein followed him at a leisurely pace, neither impatient nor impatient.
/After walking almost at a trot for a while, Emlyn suddenly slowed down and said dully:
“I feel like I’m beginning to miss Harvest Church, the feeling of reciting the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Symbol of Life, and wanting to clean and tidy up, just for an hour, an hour.”
This hint is more “evil” than I thought. No matter where the vampire goes, he has to report back to the Harvest Church every day. Forced labor for an hour is actually not bad, at least he did not forcefully change Emlyn’s beliefs through hints. I respect him quite a bit. Why do I use the word “respect”? That candle is called “Heartmare”. It is said to come from a giant dragon. The “audience” path is a bit scary. Klein lit his cane and said:
“Do you need me to remind you of anything else?”
“No need,” Emlyn said with a distorted expression and an angry tone, “I will fight against this feeling. I want to move to Jianhai, to Feysac. I don’t believe that I will want to come back after