are very few novels. I think it is necessary for me to do some cultural poverty alleviation, but the premise of this is that I have to get For a sum of money, you have to think back to the improved papermaking and printing technology.”

“As a time traveler, I can only live on the pocket money given by my cheap daddy and my cheap mom. I can only see one or two shiny Felkins occasionally. This is really a sad story.”
/“But hunting is quite interesting.”
“On February 28th, the world may be a little different from what I know.”
“I got lost in the woods today because of hunting, and ended up witnessing a battle beyond my imagination.”
“Among them, the man who was surrounded actually had extra eyes on his face. Four of them emitted dark green light from inside. This is unscientific. This is a humanoid monster.”
“This is actually a fantasy world”
“That monster’s opponent is even more powerful. It summoned a beam of light burning with golden flames. Well, it should have been summoned.”
“Fortunately, they didn’t find me. After getting rid of the monster, they left with its body.”
“I, Huang Tao, am indeed the protagonist. I discovered the truth about this world just a few days after traveling through time.”
“Maybe they can identify what the mysterious symbols and patterns on the silver medal represent. Of course, I won’t ask. I want to be like them and decipher it myself.”
“There’s another main reason why I say that. I can’t remember exactly what the ghost-like pattern looks like. I can only vaguely remember it.”
Sure enough, it’s the protagonist, the Emperor. Did you pour all your Chuuni soul into the diary? Klein couldn’t help but complain.
He was very interested in the silver medal that was suspected to be the reason for Russell’s time travel, and wanted to find out what the symbols and patterns on it looked like.
If we can really rely on the mystical knowledge of this world to interpret, then time travel may not be an accident. Klein put down his diary, knocked on the desk with his fingers, and lifted the shielding measures enjoyed by “The Hanged Man” and “The Magician” .
“You can do your own business.” Klein leaned back in his chair and said with a smile.
“Magician” Forsi took a breath quietly and said:
“I would like to purchase the soul eater’s stomach bag and 20 ml of deep-sea marlin blood. I will pay in gold pounds.”
I still have 430 pounds, so I can afford one. She silently encouraged herself.
As for where the money for the remaining piece came from, she had no idea for a while.
/This is one of the main reasons that restricts the promotion of many extraordinary people. People really can’t try to consume beyond their own abilities. If it weren’t for completely getting rid of the influence of the full moon’s whispers and becoming a “Master of Magic”, after having a relatively rich set of extraordinary means, I She will no longer consider the issue of promotion, or even stop contacting this circle. She will write books, save money, drink tea, and go shopping with Xio. After she completes that matter, s