ficult ritual to help him return to the real world.

“He seems to have understood that he must come up with something that can impress me, rather than giving three illusory wishes, so that I can consider whether to take the hidden and huge risk to save him.
/“Mr. Men did not mention this aspect for the time being. Instead, he talked with great interest about the tarot cards I invented. Haha, the word invention must be in quotation marks. From this, it can be seen that Mr. Men can indeed Being exposed to the real world at specific times and in specific ways allows us to observe many things.
“When we were exchanging the Moon card, I thought of something Zaratul mentioned. He said that the School of Life worships the moon, rather than the goddess of the night. Yes, I added the second half of the sentence.
/“He told me that if he had to choose a Tarot card to represent the goddess of the night, he would not choose the Moon card. His choice would be:
“Star brand
“This is very interesting. I asked who the real owner of the Moon Card is, and his answer became more and more interesting.
“He said with a smile that the Moon Card currently has no owner.
“If I understand correctly, what he means is that the top of the moon path is empty, and the position of sequence 0 is empty.”
This is wrong, isn’t there a “primordial moon”? Seeing this, Klein suddenly came up with such an idea.
He had already expected that the “Moon” card did not represent the goddess. Regardless of the beliefs of the School of Life, the attitudes of the vampires, or the records in the Book of Secrets, they all vaguely pointed out a problem. “Dark Night” does not represent the goddess. Equal to “moon”.
In comparison, Lilith, the ancestor of vampires, and “Primordial Moon” are more like Sequence 0 of this pathway.
Soon, he roughly came up with three guesses: first, Mr. “Gate” didn’t know enough about the secret “primitive moon”, but this possibility was very low; second, the so-called “primitive moon” was actually someone The vest of the gods does not occupy the Sequence 0 position of the “Moon” pathway in essence. The third one is the Sequence 1 of the “Moon” pathway or the corresponding sealed object in disguise.
“There is another possibility. The uniqueness of the moon path will respond on its own.” Klein said to himself silently.
In the Sequence 0 potion formula described by the “Black Emperor” card, the most important extraordinary material is actually not all the characteristics of Sequence 1, but something named “uniqueness”. Different ways have different “uniqueness” “.
The only true God
“I continued to ask, but Mr. Men refused to say any more. Oh, he wanted to whet my appetite with this, and there was no way for me to rescue him.
“Mr. Men told me that in the Tudor Dynasty, there were five nobles, Abraham, Antigonus, Amon, Tamara and Jacob. Each of these families can be called an angel family, and they have extremely terrifying strength.
“If you don’t become a true god, you will eventually become ashes.
“The time for communication is o