looked quite familiar.

They were all private detectives summoned by Mr. Stanton that time. Sure enough, after Klein thought about it for a moment, he had already recognized the visitors.
He pushed open the door and took two steps back.
Kaslana, who had thick eyebrows and slightly saggy cheek muscles, looked at Klein and Stuart behind him, and said bluntly without any greetings:
“We all received the same threatening letters, and you probably did too,” he said.
“Yeah.” Klein responded solemnly.
/Kaslana spat out her breath and said without any concealment:
“We were all summoned by Mr. Stanton to participate in the investigation of the serial murder case. This is the only thing we have in common.”
“I think so too.” Klein pointed to the room and said, “Let’s talk after we come in.”
Watching the six private detectives enter one after another, Klein quickly analyzed the intentions of the devil dog owner:
If he makes it this big, he will soon attract great attention from the official extraordinary organization. Maybe there will be a strong man who is demigod and half human squatting nearby. How can he take revenge?
He was just provoking, so that the extraordinary people of the military and the three major churches had to send people to protect so many private detectives. They not only used their strength, but also were exhausted, and did not dare to neglect, in order to retaliate against the main target of the attack at that time.
In this process, there might be a chance to kill a few official Beyonders.
The action against the private detectives will not be launched until a long time later, when the precautions are relaxed.
Of course, if an opportunity arises in such a temptation, he will definitely not let it go.
For demons who can predict danger, this is a method that is quite beneficial to their own characteristics.
/However, the three major churches, plus the military and the royal family, have many powerful people, many sealed objects, and even demigods and half-human beings, as well as level 0 and level 1 sealed objects. The owner of the demon dog is definitely not able to restrain this characteristic of him. ability or item
No, he certainly wouldn’t dare.
The owner of that demon dog is only a Sequence 5 at most. As long as something goes wrong, or even if there is no problem, he may be torn apart by demigods or terrifying sealed objects. Why would he dare to make such an attempt?
In other words, he simply teased the official organization and did not take action, again and again
Well, there is another possibility. He used threatening letters to bring more than half of the targets together, and used formal organizations to check and balance each other, with procedural and bureaucratic tendencies to create a time gap.
The attack on Mr. Eisinger Stanton must have been handed over to the mechanical heart responsible for the supernatural affairs of Hillston District, but the last time the demon dog was killed was mainly the Nighthawks, and the two sides will definitely not communicate on some details. So