thing and does not deserve thanks. You are so ignorant.”

After saying that, he sped up the speed of distributing potions.
After about ten minutes, he returned to the altar of Mother Earth and complained to Father Utravsky:
/“You should find two more volunteers”
Father Utravsky did not respond. He looked at the patients and smiled gently:
“In two or three days, they should be fully recovered.”
/“How do you know?” Emlyn tilted his head in surprise.
Father Utravsky lowered his head with a kind face, looked at him and said:
“Herbs are one of the areas of the Mother Goddess. As His believers, although they are not within the path of the earth, they still need to understand basic common sense.”
Emlyn clicked his tongue:
“I’m not interested in religion and don’t know much about it.”
Although I have often copied the sacred scriptures of the Mother Earth in recent months, he added a little angrily in his heart, and then said casually:
“Father, I didn’t expect you to accept heretics. Only two or three of them are believers of the Mother Goddess.”
Father Utravsky smiled nonchalantly:
“They are also lives, innocent lives.”
Emlyn stayed for a few seconds, exhaled, and then said:
“Father, I have found a solution to the psychological suggestion. Maybe I will leave here soon.”
Wait, why did I mention this? I was actually touched by him. What if he locks me in the basement again? Emlyn suddenly became nervous.
Father Utravsky’s expression did not change at all, he looked down at Emlyn and said:
“Actually, you don’t need to find a way. After a while, the psychological suggestion will be lifted naturally, and you can freely choose whether to come to church.”
“If you wait a little longer, I will become a devout believer of the Mother Goddess, no, the Mother Earth Goddess,” Emlyn blurted out.
Father Utravsky moved his eyebrows and said with slight surprise:
“I’m not forcing you to change your beliefs.
“The psychological hint I left is just to ask you to come back to the church every day. I hope you can fully appreciate the preciousness of life and the joy of harvest.”
“The only effect of that psychological suggestion is to make me go back to the church.” Emlyn’s expression froze.
Father Utravsky nodded calmly:
“” Emlyn’s mouth was half-opened, and he looked back at the altar slowly and mechanically, looking at the Holy Emblem of Life of the “Mother Goddess of the Earth”, as if he had turned into a doll in an instant.
In the evening of December 31st, Tingen City, No. 2 Daffodil Street.
Benson entered the house, took off his hat and coat, and chuckled:
“I have already booked a ticket for the steam train to Backlund on January 3rd, second class seat.”
Melissa, who was sitting in the restaurant with several newspapers spread out in front of her, said slightly worriedly:
“Benson, the air in Backlund is too bad. Just a few days ago, tens of thousands of people died due to poisoning and diseases caused by the heavy smog.”
“This is really a regrettable and sad thing.” Benson walked towards the restaurant and