here seem to have a tradition of cannibalism.

“This island is located in a zone of intense climate change, and often encounters earthquakes, storms and heavy fogs, which bring disasters to the indigenous people time and time again. In order to survive, they began to worship their own weather gods, holding four festivals every year. This ritual, well, the content of the ritual is to kill the chosen one, share his blood and flesh, and bury his head in the altar.
“However, similar traditions have long been replaced by the Storm Sacrifice, and the original language of the local indigenous people has also disappeared.”
/Klein, the God of Weather, made a preliminary judgment on a conquered island that once retained the tradition of living sacrifices.
Daniz looked away and said casually:
“Because of these legends, Bansi Port has two unique customs. One is that on nights when there is heavy fog and drastic weather changes, close the door tightly, do not go out, and do not respond to knocking sounds.
“The other is that they are fond of the blood of various animals, and learned to add salt to it from the migrating elves, so that the blood solidifies into a strange lump, which is tender and fragrant when combined with several local spicy seasonings. ”
Isn’t this the blood boom? Klein was stunned for a second, then turned his doubts into a frown and said:
According to the stereotype he formed in his previous life, elves should be elegant vegetarians. How could they study the correct techniques for eating blood and the hundred ways to make blood flourish?
“Yes, it is said that many elves like coagulated blood.” Daniz spread his hands and replied, “Unfortunately, it is now difficult to meet such creatures that are good at cooking.”
Little “Sun” has mentioned that the ancient god Sunya Solem, the Elf King, controls the power of storms. The elves should be similar to the extraordinary people of the “Sailor” path. Well, it seems that the elves love blood. It’s not that food-like food is incomprehensible, maybe they will also generally have the attribute of being violent. The picture is a bit beautiful. Klein’s mind was spinning, and he gradually turned his attention to “blood prosperity”.
After not eating for a long time, he had the idea of ????getting off the boat to taste the delicious food.
At this time, Daniz took the initiative and suggested:
“There is a famous lime restaurant here. The pig’s blood is especially delicious. Do you want to try it?”
He always felt that it was dangerous to be alone in a room with Gehrman Sparrow, worried that this monster in human skin would suddenly go crazy.
In places with many people, he should be more restrained in the storm. May this journey end soon. Daniz prayed without confidence.
As a pirate, he also believed in the Storm Lord, but lacked enough respect for the church.
When he heard Lieyan’s proposal, Klein’s heart skipped a beat as he was already interested.
/However, the legends and customs the other party told always made him feel a little uncomfortable, so he