bout this.

Danitz was choked to the point of being unable to speak. He stepped aside in frustration and watched Gehrman Sparrow lighting candles, burning powder, and dripping pure dew.
After smelling the smell, he couldn’t help but raise his voice and said:
“Use, maybe you used the wrong material.”
/He remembered that when the rebels worshiped the “Poseidon”, they did not use things such as “full moon essential oil”, deep sleep flowers, and chamomile.
It’s not like I’m praying to the goddess of the night.
Klein glanced sideways at him and returned his gaze to the altar:
“no problem.”
As a professional who often sacrifices and is sacrificed, he knows very well that burning hydrosols, essential oils, and herbal powders have two main functions. One is to help the ceremony leader better adjust his spirituality and enter the state; Please the corresponding gods, please the object of sacrifice, and increase the probability of the other party’s response. In this regard, every god has its own and preferred things.
This sacrifice mainly relies on two factors: Kavitua’s mental abnormality and complete madness and its thirst for the breath of gray mist. Both are indispensable, and the other is not important.
As long as the above two conditions are met, whether you please or not will not affect the ceremony. It will neither increase the success rate nor the possibility of failure. It can be handled perfunctorily.
If Kavituva still has sense, even if I strictly follow the requirements of the ritual, do you think it will respond to me? Klein cursed, stepped back half a step, and was ready to start the most critical link.
He thought for a while and said directly without turning his head:
“Stay away.”
I, Danitz, was not angry but happy, and nodded quickly:
“Okay, okay”
He ran to the warehouse door in a hurry, planning to escape immediately if something went wrong.
Klein half-closed his eyes, meditating on the countless overlapping light balls, and quickly entered the state.
He chanted in a low voice in Elvish language:
“The beloved of the sea and the spiritual world, the protector of the Rhoside Islands, the ruler of underwater creatures, the controller of tsunamis and storms, the great Kavitua.
“Your faithful servant begs your gaze;
“I beg you to accept his offering;
“I pray that you will open the gates of your kingdom.”
As those difficult and difficult words were uttered one after another, the wind inside the wall of spirituality gradually began to rise, becoming more and more intense, as if it was going to overthrow everything.
With the corners of his clothes flying, Klein took out another metal vial that he had prepared a long time ago, and poured about 5 ml of the remaining blood of the Thousand-faced Hunter into the air.
This is a very spiritual material
The strong wind sucked away the drops of blood, roaring into the candle that symbolized the “Poseidon” Kavitua.
Silently, the candlelight expanded and expanded into an illusory door. The surface was full of symbols and magic signs, and the soun