ted to put it away, it automatically entered his body and formed a defense in his heart.

This should probably be regarded as the most peculiar defensive item. The ‘Book of the Dragon King’ has no feeling of rejection in his body, and every time his blood is discharged from his heart, it will be nourished by the ‘Book of the Dragon King’. His blood is more purified.
/This process of blood purification is not fast, but as long as you think about the ‘Book of the Dragon King’ continuing, it will only make David’s strength improve faster and become stronger.
The ‘Black Dragon Body’ transfers energy through the blood flowing in the body. The process of blood purification is the process of purifying energy.
Of course, this effect is just the icing on the cake for David. He practices and takes spiritual substances, which themselves are extremely pure energy.
David flew out of the ‘Dragon Throne’ and saw the god-level dragons crawling on the ground.
“Everyone, get up. Since I have become the Dragon King, everyone will follow me. I will take you to the Zerg world to establish yourself first!” David waved.
The god-level dragons stood up after hearing this. Although they knew about the intersection of the three worlds, they were still a little uncomfortable about leaving their hometown of the god-level world again.
After going through all kinds of hardships, they returned to God’s great world.
But since it was the order issued by the Dragon King, all the god-level dragons did not object.
“Lord Dragon Emperor, I wonder what the situation is like in the Zerg world? Is there any living space for our dragon clan?” Golden Dragon Alfred asked respectfully.
“I have absolute say in the Zerg world and occupy more than half of the world. The survival of the dragon family is not a problem!” David replied with a smile.
When the golden dragon Alfred heard these words, excitement flashed in his eyes. It was conceivable that this Lord Dragon King occupied a big world.
Although it does not achieve complete control, it controls more than half of the world, which is almost the same as the dragon clan back then.
The golden dragon Alfred thought about himself. A group of giant dragons also arrived in another big world. As a result, they suffered heavy losses. Both the Dragon God and the god-level dragons died, and all the other dragons that did not reach the god-level died.
“If you want to go to the Zerg world, you must all enter the space of the ‘Artifact Space Card’!” David said as he activated the ‘Artifact Space Card’.
All the god-level dragons of the dragon clan entered the ‘Artifact Space Card’ without any hesitation. David is now the Dragon King and controls their life and death, so naturally he will not harm them.
David flew out of the Dragon King’s Palace and left the Dragon King’s Space. After recognizing the ‘Dragon King’s Book’, there was no secret for him in this Dragon King’s Space.
/He contacted the ‘Book of the Dragon King’, and a wave of waves was sent out. The entire Dragon King space was affected by the waves an