inent. Among them, Mr. Azik, known as the “Death Archon”, must also plays a very important role

Azik was silent for a few seconds, grabbed Klein’s shoulder, took him into the spirit world, and walked through it. Suddenly, only the “Eternal Witch” Katarina Pellet and “The Disease-Infected” were left in the captain’s room of the Black Death. Will” Tracy.
The latter looked at the place where the two disappeared, relaxed for a while, then gritted his teeth and said:
“I won’t forget this”
Catalina restored her holy posture, smiled slightly and said:
“Pain, the more painful it is, the more you can feel your own weakness. Only when the pain reaches the extreme, the desire to change yourself will be strong enough to help you withstand the magic potion, gain divinity in the ritual, and become a semi- god”
“Lieutenant General Disease” When Tracy heard this, she suddenly remembered something, her expression condensed, and she blurted out:
“Elaine was able to escape from the Black Death because”
Catalina smiled lightly and said:
“You are my youngest child, but you are the one most likely to become a demigod. As a mother, of course I have to help you.”
Tracy’s facial muscles twitched and she twisted and said:
“Yes, I have you as my mother and another mother
“Why didn’t you tell me the truth back then? You clearly have control over several low- to medium-sequence paths.”
/Catalina turned around, her white robe fluttering, and she said in an erratic tone:
“We all need to get closer to the original.
“We are all His children.”
As she spoke, turbulent but quiet black flames rose from the huge sailboat dozens of meters long. They covered every corner and burned silently, but did not hurt the pirates on the Black Death, as if they were sorting out Gathering dust.
The stacked color blocks flew back, and the indescribable transparent figure disappeared into the distance. Klein’s spirituality was suddenly touched, and he felt that all the items he left on the Black Death had disappeared.
As expected of the “Eternal Witch”, Klein sighed and was about to speak, but he plummeted again and left the spirit world with Azik.
They are located in a valley, spread out along the river, with fertile fields, manors and towns with Loen characteristics.
Klein looked around and found that the place he was currently standing was a dark cemetery that had been abandoned for a long time.
“Mr. Azik” he shouted in confusion.
Azik walked to a tomb with a broken stone tablet and covered with weeds, and said in a low voice:
“After meeting Catalina Pellet, I remembered something again.
“I once told you that in one of my dreams, in one of my lives, there was a daughter with smooth black hair who liked to sit on the swing I built myself and beg me for candy.
“When I was walking through the spirit world just now, I suddenly felt the call from my bloodline.”
Klein was infected by the other party’s emotions and asked quietly:
“This is hers”
Azik nodded, squatted down, and stroked the half of the tombstone. His bronze side face showed tende