e travelogue, he was full of positive energy. However, what was the difference between beating him and hurting him? Klein couldn’t help but mutter a few words.

Shaitas snorted and sat down again. The scene was quiet for a while, which was quite embarrassing.
Giant Grosel looked around with his vertical one eye, and said with a smile:
“Then let me also talk about my past experiences.
“Before entering this book, I lived in the Giant King’s Court and was one of the guardians of the Declined Forest. Only our king can enter there. It is said that his father and mother are buried there, which is the source of our giant family.”
/The “Giant King’s Court” is composed of many parts, and the “Decadent Forest” is one of them. The oldest ancestor of the giant family, Klein, is buried there. Klein listened very seriously and just wanted to ask more.
However, before he spoke, Edwina had already asked:
“Grossell, what did this book look like when you got it?”
Grossel raised his hand and rubbed his cheek and said:
“It has nothing, it’s like a blank book waiting to be filled in.”
I had previously guessed that Grossel might be a complete character in the book. Klein considered it for a few seconds, without directly asking about the details of the “Giant King’s Court”. He turned to look at Mobet Zoroaster and said:
“Do you know Amon the Blasphemer?”
“The blasphemer refers to the entire family of Amon. They are the mortal enemies of our Zoroaster. It is said that they have a very powerful and terrifying ancestor. Even the two adults Ouro Leus and Medici are quite powerful.” We attach great importance to him, and even fear him a little, but no one knows his specific name.” Mobet introduced in detail.
Urolius, Medici, well, the “True Creator” and the “Redemption Rose” were both supporting the Solomon Empire at that time. Klein’s heart moved, and he immediately asked:
“Then have you heard of the name Saslier?”
Mobet was stunned, slowly shook his head and said:
“Never heard of it.”
The name “Dark Angel” Sasril disappeared and was buried after the catastrophe. Based on this, Klein determined a fact.
At this moment, the ascetic monk Snowman, who was facing the stone wall, spoke hoarsely:
“Sasriel is the dark angel, the leader of the angel kings, the one closest to the Lord.”
I’m just waiting for your answer. Klein turned his gaze to the ascetic monk and asked in a low voice:
“Besides Him, Ouroleus, Medici, and Amon, there are other angel kings whose names you don’t need to mention.”
Klein was afraid of causing unnecessary reactions, just like the “confessor” in Afternoon Town.
Edwina, Anderson, and Daniz were in a state of confusion from just now, because the content of Gehrman Sparrow’s exchange with several ancient figures was something they had never heard of, and they simply couldn’t believe this crazy person. The adventurer has mastered so many secrets and knowledge
Snowman was silent for a few seconds and said:
“Also, the angel of fantasy, Adam”
/As soon as he said the name, the whole cave suddenly shook, a