of Gehrman Sparrow.

Klein stood up slowly, put his hat on his chest, bowed slightly and said:
“Thank you for your help.”
Bilt’s facial muscles twisted, as if he was trying to endure something, and he was about to blurt out something.
Finally, he took a slow breath, smiled and said:
“It should be said that it was a pleasure to work together.”
Klein noticed something unusual about Bilt and Sotos, but he suppressed his doubts and didn’t ask anything.
You can’t ask. If you ask, you will get into trouble and something will happen. I have to digest the potion with peace of mind recently. Klein turned around, walked to the door, and turned the handle.
“Mr. Hermann.” Bildt blurted out suddenly.
Klein’s mouth twitched slightly, and he calmly turned back and looked over.
“It’s nothing haha, I mean, as a member of the mutual aid association, it will be cheaper to come to my place to drink.” Bilt forced a smile.
Do you think I’m going to ask what’s going on? Klein nodded lightly, opened the door, and walked out.
Watching his figure disappear, Bilt was stunned for two seconds and sighed deeply.
In the room, hearing Bilt’s sigh, Sotos pressed the edge of his eye socket and said in a deep voice:
/“Boss, the big shot will arrive the day after tomorrow.
Bilt looked back with a solemn expression:
“I know.”
“We have only two choices. One is to entrust Gehrman Sparrow with the task regardless of whether he is trustworthy or not, hoping for the best result. The other is to give up the property in Olavi immediately and bring cash and Jewelry leaves here and goes to be a pirate on the ocean. I am confident that most of the sailors and adventurers on the Pirate Hunter will follow us.” Sotos paused and then added, “Boss, when you were an adventurer, you led us You are so persevering and decisive when driving a ship and hunting pirates. I think you have already made your decision and don’t need me to do anything else.”
“Haha, you don’t need to compliment me.” Bilt smiled bitterly, “I am no longer the pirate hunter who was not afraid of blood and gunfire. The long and comfortable life has unknowingly corroded my will. I don’t even I want to continue to seek opportunities for promotion so much that my companions who turned into monsters one by one seem to be still living in my mind.”
He let out a breath and his expression turned serious:
“However, you are right. We have no time to hesitate and must make a decision immediately.”
Having said this, Bilt turned his head and pointed at the window with his chin.
Sotos was stunned for a moment, and then understood what the leader meant.
After leaving the “Sweet Lemon” bar, Klein strolled along the street, preparing to hire a taxi at the crossroads.
At this moment, he heard the clang of the window upstairs and saw a figure falling down.
This was just like when he opened the door and saw Lil Biber’s mother dead in the easy chair. The body was highly decomposed, and the eyes fell to the ground due to external vibrations.
A similar thought flashed through his mind, and Klein sa