high-sequence Beyonder. I suspect it is a side product of the Spiritual Religion’s artificial death plan.”

That’s it, so I succeeded in holding back the Angel of the Rose School, Klein, and thought a little thankfully.
Azik glanced around and continued:
“I still have things to keep busy, and this will allow me to revive more memories.
“When all that is over, I will come to you again to get the ring left behind by the ancient god of death. My hunch tells me that it may allow me to go to the Raging Sea or the Southern Continent.
“You’d better go to big cities like Backlund and Trier next. In those places, the power that the Rose School can mobilize is very limited and they don’t dare to act arbitrarily. Of course, the best choice is Pasu Island and other major cities. where the church is headquartered, but that creates additional dangers.”
/Azik made a joke at the end, just like a normal Loen gentleman. This life experience seemed to have left the deepest mark on him. No matter how much his memory was restored, there were still obvious traces left.
As long as the memory is preserved, decades will not have much influence on thousands of years. But starting from a state of forgetting everything, twenty or thirty years are enough to reshape a person. When Mr. Azik completely recovers his memory, Whether his life with different experiences will lead to different personalities is really a profound question. After that, Miss Justice must think about it and “ask” Klein to the Psychological Alchemy Society. After thinking about it, he met Az Mr. Ke did not delve into the conflict between himself and the Rose School. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief and asked instead:
“Mr. Azik, what do you know about the Mother Tree of Desire?”
/Azik shook his head:
“I didn’t even know He existed until I saw the letter you sent me.”
Not knowing the “Mother Tree of Desire”, Klein was startled for a moment and then asked:
“What about the bound god?”
Azik shook his head again, sighed and smiled:
“In ancient times, he or they may have had other names.”
Seeing that Mr. Azik had gone away, Klein looked at the water flowing towards the shore for a few seconds. He did not rush to a nearby city, but directly found an uninhabited cave, arranged a simple ritual, created a spiritual wall, and The “Creeping Hunger”, the “Death Knell” revolver, Azik’s copper whistle, Grosel’s Travels and the soil stained with Senior’s blood were sacrificed above the gray fog.
Then, he walked four steps backwards into the mysterious space, sat down at the seat belonging to “The Fool”, and took a picture of the metal vial from before.
Because it was preserved above the gray mist, the remaining blood in the vial did not coagulate. After putting on gloves and stuffing other items, Klein poured out a few drops and smeared them on the dark brown cover of Grossell’s Travels.
Hey, after the new characters were added, why didn’t a new story start all over again? Klein looked at the book whose name had not been changed, and suddenly had a question.