s, it is Pales Zoroaster, not Leonard Mitchell, who realizes that he is special. The former’s attitude is more important.

This old man knows that I know about His existence. Once He exposes my disguise and puts me in danger, he must be prepared to be exposed by me. Then we will definitely hurt each other and no one will benefit. For an angel who is on the “stealer” path and does not believe in the goddess, this is completely unnecessary. If I were him, I would just pretend that nothing happened, not remind Leonard Mitchell at all, and not entrust my own safety. Klein quickly cleared his mind at the thought of his host, regained his composure, and walked over to Leonard Mitchell, who was wearing red gloves.
Leonard glanced nonchalantly at the internal guard with sparse, frosty white hair opposite him, couldn’t help but raise his right hand, half-covered his mouth, and yawned.
This is a typical “sleepless person” who doesn’t sleep at night, has nothing to do, and goes to the watch room to play cards with someone. Klein roughly understands why the poet classmate who is a “Red Glove” appears here.
He recalled the reaction of the internal guards when they encountered the “Nighthawks” in Tingen City. He silently nodded gently to Leonard, and tapped his chest four times clockwise with the index and middle fingers of his right hand, as if drawing a A full moon.
/Leonard responded with the same movement, passing the inner guard with loose skin and a large nose without any notice, and walked straight forward.
/Klein exhaled silently, maintained the same pace and stride, and walked all the way to his destination.
The iron-black double door was heavy and cold, with seven holy symbols engraved on it. It seemed that nothing could shake it.
Klein turned sideways, took two steps diagonally, knocked on the door of the guard room, and opened the Chanis door under the witness of the night watchman on duty.
The deep darkness inside suddenly surged. Even if there were silver candles with carved patterns burning quietly inside, they could not dispel this feeling, and the blue flames only deepened the feeling of deathly silence.
At the same time, Klein felt invisible things scratching his skin in the darkness, penetrating deep into his body, passing through the boundary between reality and illusion, and connecting with “Resentful Soul” Senior.
Suddenly, without turning on his spiritual vision, he saw thin black lines that filled the entire area behind the Chanis door. They were gently swaying, clumping together, or extending, as if a lady was stretching her hair, or some weird creature. Waving tentacles.
Klein stepped forward with an indifferent expression, entered the sealed land, then turned around and pushed the Chanis door to close.
At this time, the sounds from the outside world seemed to be completely isolated, and the inside was so quiet that it was like the kingdom of the dead. People can’t help but think about it and feel fear. This reminded Klein of his childhood, even if he didn’t listen to ghost stories, he would occ