bassy. I don’t know if there was a premium.

After a brief silence, Klein picked up the black tea, took a sip, and said with a smile:
“This is a choice that can be considered, but Emperor Russell once said that you should never make a decision in a hurry. Only after repeated comparisons can you get the best answer.
“Are there any other options?”
Walter, who was wearing white gloves, said without any unusual expression:
“Persfield Street can also meet your requirements. I remember that the house at No. 9 is looking for tenants. It is a villa type, two floors, a dozen rooms, with stables, servants’ rooms and a small garden, furniture The furniture and utensils are relatively old, but still decent, and the annual rent is 220 pounds.”
The price is quite reasonable, but No. 9 Persfield Street means that it is no more than 100 meters away from St. Samuel’s Church. Although this is in line with the theory of darkness under the lights, there must be many night watchers among the passers-by. , when I want to leave and return secretly, it is very inconvenient and prone to problems. Klein, who originally had a rental budget of only 156 pounds, was baptized by the price of the garden building in front of him, and suddenly felt that 220 pounds was not bad.
This made him wonder if Walter, the butler, deliberately mentioned the expensive one first.
/Klein thought for a few seconds and said:
“Is there any more?”
Walter replied without any impatience:
“The house at No. 160 Berklund Street is also for rent. It is also a three-story building with a garden, stables, and servants’ rooms. There are a dozen rooms in total, but the location is not as good as the one at No. 32, and the furnishings, furniture and utensils are also different. It’s only decent, and the rent is £315 a year.”
315 pounds. The rental price flashed through Klein’s mind numbly, and he asked thoughtfully:
“What’s your suggestion”
At this moment, he actually already had the answer in his mind, but as an employer, he couldn’t rush to express his position, because if there were any common sense flaws in the decision, he would easily be looked down upon.
Walter thought carefully and said:
“The building at 160 Burklund Street.
“Comparatively speaking, the neighbors here are more helpful for you to enter the upper class. However, the house at No. 32 is too luxurious. If you rent it directly, the neighbors will think that you lack the necessary self-cultivation and are not decent enough.”
To put it simply, if you rent a house for 1,260 pounds per year when you first arrive, you will easily be defined by your neighbors as a nouveau riche who is eager to show off. For a rich man who is committed to entering the upper class, such a reputation is very bad. Klein tasted the lipstick tea. , asked with a smile:
“Then why did you bring up the option of 32 Burklund Street?”
Walter saluted calmly and said:
“Dear sir, I am just a steward. My responsibility is not to make decisions, but to present all suitable options and make certain suggestions for your referenc