and said:

“I deeply sympathize with Hailie Ye’s misfortune.”
Hearing this sentence, Hailie’s father and mother suddenly had red eyes, and each spoke in confusion:
“Thank you, thank you for your kindness.”
“The police told us, told us, that Hailie died of lead poisoning. That should be the word. My poor child, she is only seventeen years old. She has always been quiet and stubborn.”
“You sent someone to see her and funded the burial expenses. She was buried in Raphael Cemetery.”
Deville glanced at Klein, changed his sitting posture, leaned forward, and said in a heavy tone:
“This is actually our negligence, and I need to apologize.”
“I have thought about it. I have to compensate you, compensate Hailie Ye. Her weekly salary is 10 sulers, right, which is 540 sulers a year, um, 27 pounds. We assume that she can still work for at least 10 years.”
“Karen, give 300 pounds to Hailie’s parents.”
“3,300 pounds” Hailie’s father and mother were shocked.
When they were at their most prosperous, their savings on hand did not exceed 1 pound.
Not only them, but the bodyguards and servants in the living room all looked shocked and envious. Even Sheriff Gate couldn’t help but let his breathing get heavier. His weekly salary was only two pounds, and his subordinates only had one “v” The police officer only has 1 pound.
Amidst the unspeakable silence, the housekeeper Karen came out of the study, holding a bulging cloth bag in his hand.
He opened the bag and revealed stacks of banknotes inside, some of which were 1 pound, some were 5 pounds, but more were 1 sole and 5 sole.
It can be seen that Deville asked someone to exchange “change” from the bank in advance.
“This is Sir’s wish.” Karen, who received the master’s approval, handed the bag to Hailie’s parents.
Hailie’s father and mother took it over, rubbed their eyes, and read it over and over again.
/“No, this, this is too generous, we shouldn’t accept it.” They said, holding the bag tightly.
/Deville said in a deep voice:
“This is what Hailie should get.”
“You, you are truly a noble and kind sir.” Hailie’s parents bowed excitedly.
Smiles appeared on their faces, uncontrollable smiles.
They praised Sir De Vere over and over again, they repeatedly said the few adjectives, and they repeatedly expressed that Haylie would definitely be grateful to each other in heaven.
“Karen, send someone to take them back, um, to the bank first.” Deville breathed a sigh of relief and ordered the housekeeper.
Hailie’s father and mother hugged the bag tightly and walked quickly to the door without daring to stop.
Klein saw the pale, transparent figure behind Sir De Vere trying to reach out to them and follow them away, but they smiled extremely brightly and did not look back.
The figure became fainter and fainter, and soon disappeared completely.
In Klein’s perception, the coldness in the living room was normal.
He just watched quietly from beginning to end without making any comments.
“Officer, I feel much better. Can you tell me now why my housekeeper, servant and bodyguard c