e potions and research is greater than the potions themselves.

After all, it is a strange medicine with unknown efficacy. Except for a few Tiehanhan, few people dare to take it directly.
In the VIP room, looking at the soaring prices, Hudson was very satisfied. It’s hard to find someone to take advantage of, and it’s rare to get a chance to reap the benefits.
The most important thing is that this harvest was delivered to your doorstep. Even if they buy it back at a sky-high price and can’t produce any research results, these people will only think that they are not good enough.
“Hudson, when I got here I suddenly realized that we are actually quite poor!”
After hearing Melissa’s words, the tea in Hudson’s mouth almost spit out. No matter how you look at it, he has nothing to do with being “poor”!
As a seller hiding behind the scenes, he definitely cannot join in the excitement of this auction. It’s good to drive up the price, but if it falls into your own hands accidentally, wouldn’t it be a huge loss?
“Melissa, what you said is too much. We are not poor, we consume rationally and only buy what we need.
Mysterious magic potions are more suitable for research madmen.
There are so many things in the territory, and I have to worry about the kingdom, how can I have time to do research?
You have to be busy raising children, settling in the back house of the Lord’s Mansion, and also responsible for human relations, and there are many things to do.
Maybe in a hundred or eighty years, when we are over a hundred years old, we will be like them. ”
Hudson immediately defended.
Crying about poverty is not a good choice, especially for a big man like him, how can he be so shameless?
/Although the financial situation of the territory is indeed a little worse, Hudson is working hard to make money!
I don’t want to be like them!
Seeing the scene in front of him, Hudson knew that he had said the wrong thing again. The meaning of longevity is very good, but when it comes to women, it is a bit troublesome.
Melissa obviously had more on her mind. With Hudson’s talent, it seems that a hundred or so is nothing, but she can’t!
He has neither the talent nor the ambition to become a strong person. Even if he has sufficient resources, he is still just a high-level magician. (Level 3)
On the other hand, Isabel, after obtaining the resources from the Lord’s Mansion, has been improving rapidly and is on the verge of becoming a Golden Knight. (Level 6)
If it were to happen one hundred and eighty years later, the former would most likely be a pile of loess, while the latter would still be in its prime.
Fortunately, Melissa was still young and was only slightly sentimental, and stopped making noises after being held in Hudson’s arms.
Before he could continue to comfort him, something went wrong at the auction. The five fox girls who were originally sent to be photographed suddenly turned into elves, and the scene suddenly became silent.
Anyone with a little bit of political savvy knows that something big is going to hap