He didn’t finish his words, because he saw that the young man wearing a black-and-white checkered uniform across from him showed almost no expression. His eyes were dark and deep, and the corners of his mouth were reluctantly raised:
“I’ve just been exposed to some before.”
Inspector Toller was quiet until the carriage stopped outside No. 36 Zotland Street.
“Thank you for your help, Sir De Vere finally got rid of his troubles and found sleep.” He stretched out his hand and shook Klein’s hand, “Say thank you to Dunn for me.”
Klein nodded slightly and said:
He walked up the stairs, returned to the Blackthorn Security Company step by step, knocked on the door and entered the captain’s office.
“Solved” Dunn was waiting for his lunch.
“Solved.” Klein rubbed his forehead and said concisely and truthfully, “The root of the problem lies in the lead and porcelain factories named by Sir De Vere. From their establishment to the present, there have been too many lead poisoning deaths. Incidents, and every incident will make Sir De Vere gain a little bit of residual spiritual resentment.”
/“Normally, these won’t cause big problems. At most, they give people nightmares.” Dunn has handled similar cases and has considerable experience.
Klein nodded slightly and said:
“Yes, the trajectory of things was supposed to develop like this, but unfortunately, Sir De Vere met a lead-poisoned female worker on the street one day. She happened to fall beside the road and saw the coat of arms of the De Vere family. , at the same time, she still had strong unwillingness, worry and longing, and these emotions did not dissipate until the knight gave her parents, brother and sister a compensation of 300 pounds.”
“This is a social problem, not uncommon in this age of steam and machinery.” Dunn took out his pipe, took a breath, and sighed, “It is common for workers who make linen to wet the material and themselves. Suffering from bronchitis and joint diseases, and in factories with heavy dust, even if there is no poisoning, lung problems will accumulate. We don’t need to discuss these. As the kingdom develops, I believe they will all be solved. Klein, tonight , let’s find a restaurant tonight to celebrate you becoming an official team member.”
Klein thought for a moment and said:
“Tomorrow night, captain, I have used my spiritual vision for too long today, and I have used the skills of dream divination to directly communicate with those resentments. I feel very tired. I hope to go home in the afternoon and have a good rest. Is that okay? Well, I I will go to the Divination Club at four or five o’clock to observe the members’ reactions to the sudden death of Heinus Vincent.”
“No problem, that’s what it should be.” Dunn chuckled, “Then tomorrow night, I’ll ask Roxanne to make a reservation at the Old Weir restaurant next door.”
Klein stood up with a police hat and saluted:
“Thank you, Captain, see you tomorrow.”
Dunn raised his hand and said:
“Wait a minute, you just said that Sir De Vere gave the female worker’s