, I was able to end the summons directly.”

As soon as Klein thought of this, his expression suddenly froze and he discovered a serious problem:
“Ouroleus is the angel king of the monster path”
This also means that the other party can directly see the specialness of him, see the gray mist, see the illusory door composed of light balls and the transparent and translucent worms that make up the light balls.
/Fortunately for him, neither the Rose of Redemption nor the Aurora Society has locked onto any followers of The Fool.
However, during the chaotic battle outside Bayam City, when he was acting as Gehrman Sparrow, he threw out the “Fire” gloves contaminated by the “True Creator” in an attempt to attract the saints of the Aurora Society. , which is likely to lead to the crazy adventurer entering the suspect list.
“Extending from Gehrman Sparrow, Admiral Star, Vice Admiral Iceberg, Danitz, and Anderson may all be investigated by the Aurora Society. We need to remind them.” Klein exhaled slowly and stood up. Prepare to go above the gray fog.
In his opinion, unlike the pursuit of Gehrman Sparrow by the military, the Church of Storms, the Rose School, and the Spiritual Religion, the believers of the “True Creator” are quite crazy, and as the King of Angels, they are good at The leader who spies on destiny is active in the real world. In this way, no matter whether Cattleya and others are floating on the sea and how difficult it is to lock them, there is always a risk of being found.
Among them, “Vice Admiral Iceberg” Edwina and the strongest hunter in the Sea of ??Mist, Anderson, don’t need to worry too much. They don’t know much, and they don’t involve core issues, so they won’t do anything. The only thing that needs to be worried is that the Aurora Society will In the normal question and answer process, the madman may use drastic measures.
West Balam, the Mesanjes-dominated city of Kukwa in Uttar Pradesh.
/Danitz, who was nibbling on the barbecue, suddenly paused and heard the reminder from Gehrman Sparrow conveyed by Mr. Fool:
“People of the Little Mind Order, be careful of the people of the Aurora Society, especially the latter, you need to pay special attention, and remind Anderson Hood and Edwina Edwards around you.”
Little Mind Church, be careful of the Aurora Society. How many are there, the military, the Church of Storms, the Church of Night, and the Rose School? What on earth did Gehrman Sparrow do? Why did he offend so many forces? Damniz’s expression froze at first. It immediately became twisted.
He still didn’t know that the leader of the seven pirate generals had been replaced.
“What do you remember?” Anderson across from him put down the knife for cutting meat, raised his eyebrows, and asked curiously.
Daniz quietly took a deep breath and asked thoughtfully:
“Have you heard of the Aurora Society?”
He was not sure that Anderson must know. After all, the Aurora Society was quite secretive at first, and its later reputation was mainly concentrated in the Kingdom of Loen.
Anderson chuckled and s