essfully brought back the inspection results.

It can be seen that at this moment, everyone has high hopes for reform, hoping that through internal affairs reform, the kingdom can return to the list of mainland powers.
However, the focus of contradiction also converges on the inspection results.
Although the core ideas of the political systems of the three kingdoms of Frank, Iliba, and Alpha were all about aristocratic supremacy, they all had their own characteristics in terms of specific details.
No matter whose work is copied, the interests of some people in the kingdom will be seriously damaged. Maybe after the reform is successful, it can be made up for in other ways, but who knows?
/According to past political experience, whoever makes concessions first for the sake of the overall situation will suffer big losses in the reform.
The situation suddenly reached a stalemate, and only a handful of people, including those within the reform faction, were willing to sacrifice their own interests for reform.
Many reformist leaders have become conservative when it comes to their own interests.
You can’t do this, you can’t do that. They promised to carry out reforms, but in actual actions they encountered obstacles everywhere.
Prince Peter, who originally returned home with great honors, is now in an embarrassing situation. Many nobles had doubts about the inspection results and believed that the information recorded above was too one-sided.
As the leader of the reformists, Duke Glenarvan also had a headache. It was obvious that many problems had been discovered and could be solved through reforms, but when it came time to implement them, troubles occurred.
Reform bills were introduced one after another, but the result was that the decrees did not leave the royal capital. Nobles everywhere have a high degree of autonomy and do not pay attention to the orders of the royal capital.
Even the nobles who supported the reformists only chose and implemented the terms that were beneficial to their own families. They pretended not to notice all the clauses that harmed their own interests.
“Your Majesty, we can’t delay this any longer!
Unless compulsory measures are taken, the government decrees we issue will be a piece of waste paper when it comes to the local government.
If it is delayed for a long time and the government’s authority is undermined, it will only be more difficult to continue reform! ”
The words of the Prime Minister Duke Glenarvan made Elton VIII very embarrassed. On the one hand, he wanted the reform to be successful, but on the other hand, he did not want to offend the noble lords in the country too much.
“Prime Minister, there are so many reform bills. If we want to promote them together, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do it. It’s better to pick the ones that are most likely to be accepted by everyone and promote them first.”
Elton VIII said with a troubled expression.
It is easy to cut flesh from others, but it is different to cut flesh from yourself.
As the largest aristocracy in the coun