depths of the sea, and swam away.

Alger looked at it in silence for two seconds, then caused a gust of wind to send the small metal ball to the captain’s cabin.
After unscrewing the small metal ball and taking out the paper inside, Alger just glanced at it and his eyes froze.
“George III was assassinated…” Alger repeated the above content with a slightly solemn expression, and then remembered the reminder from “The World” Gehrman Sparrow and the hint from Mr. “The Fool”.
/This time, he no longer hesitated, sealed the room, and whispered the honorary name:
“A fool who does not belong to this era…”
This prayer almost turned into a chorus… Did Mr. “The Hanged Man” want to borrow the “Shadowless Cross” from the little “Sun”? Leonard, um…these sounds overlapped in layers, ups and downs, making the surroundings seem to vibrate…Klein raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, feeling as if electric drills were being used from all directions.
At this time, he followed Amon deep into the desolate wilderness, and saw that the place was filled with gray-yellow mist, there were several ravines, and there were many things lingering vaguely in the dark depths.
Compared with the monsters that were lurking quietly before, the ones here are quite special.
Amon, who was wearing a pointed soft hat, raised his hand and stroked his crystal monocle, pointed forward and said with a smile:
“In another half day, we should be able to reach our final destination.”
“Half a day… less than a day has passed…don’t you mean three days?” Klein’s pupils seemed to dilate.
Amon smiled and said:
“I’m talking no more than three days.
“One day is no more than three days.”
Having said this, the King of Angels paused and asked with great interest:
“Did it mess up your arrangements?
“Does it make you more desperate?”
Klein didn’t respond. He suddenly reached out and grabbed the void next to him.
Although it has been less than two years since he became an Extraordinary, Klein’s experience is definitely rich and colorful even among the Saints of Sequence 4 and Sequence 3. What he has had and encountered can quickly kill him now. There are many items that can be easily summoned from the pores of history.
Among them, he chose the “Yangyan Talisman” that he had used in Tingen City. He had recited the incantation and poured spiritual energy into it, and the “Yangyan Talisman” was about to be activated!
It is true that this does not have a strong restraint effect on the demigods of the “divineer” path who are prone to weirdness and change. They mainly rely on their own lethality, but Klein will not dodge or defend, and will let go of his body and mind. , embrace the light of “hope” heartily.
——Even at the level of Sequence 3 “Ancient Scholar”, the defense of Extraordinary in the “Soothsayer” path is still low, and pure attack is obviously insufficient compared to the level at which they are located. This leads to a sad fact:
When Klein wanted to commit suicide, he did not have the ability to quickly solve himself. After all, it