d contaminating the three people’s astral bodies or mental bodies.

The countless rotten giant palms that Klein “encountered” last time did not appear again. Even the most unbearable feelings of loneliness, silence, and no end in sight in this spiritual world, because it was a small team operation, they interacted with each other. Being able to speak doesn’t seem so scary.
“This is the spiritual world, the realm of consciousness. It is indeed different from others.” “Star” Leonard looked around, as if he wanted to use a few lines of poetry to express his feelings, but in the end he chose to give up.
In other places and with other tasks, Klein might ask the poet classmate to keep quiet, but here, he felt that it was fine for him to say anything he wanted.
“Justice” Audrey also did not reject communication and said seriously:
“The feelings we get intuitively are the essence of this environment. The cliffs, cliffs, and gray world we see are a reflection of our subconscious here. It may not be like this for other races…”
“…I just think psychology is quite interesting now.” Leonard said with interest after listening.
Klein glanced at him and refrained from saying that with your personality and habits, you are really not suitable for the “audience” path.
During this exchange, the three of them descended for who knows how long, and finally stepped on the solid but vague gray ground.
Looking up from here, you can see the swaying lights and shadows. They are dense and overlapping, forming an illusory sea.
Klein, Leonard, and Audrey were about to walk forward when suddenly a “water flow” surged through them, and a blurry light and shadow stood up from it.
It was a gray-blue giant six to seven meters tall, with leather with dragon scales wrapped around his chest and abdomen. The exposed areas were covered with all kinds of patterns, symbols and logos that could not be described in words and exceeded the scope of normal senses.
His one vertical eye was filled with bloodshot eyes, exuding a violent aura without concealment, with an obvious tendency to destroy, and he was biting a bloody human leg.
This is a demigod-level giant!
He is a shadow left in the sea of ??collective subconsciousness, perhaps from an actual encounter of the ancestors of humans or other races, or perhaps from the experiences of giants such as Grossel.
As soon as he appeared, the crazy mood spread to Klein and others, like a contagious plague.
/This is a world where spirit, consciousness, and soul are in direct contact!
/The giant biting the human legs and having bloodshot eyes did not actually exist. He was essentially the strong emotion produced by a certain person or creatures.
This emotion stemming from extremely deep impressions enters the subconscious, spreads from the island of one’s own soul to the surrounding illusory “ocean”, and gradually settles down, turning into a mark – not all emotions and consciousness can eventually settle, absolutely Most of them will be erased by time and washed away by “sea water”. Only the extremely s