ost blended into the night, and looking down at “Corpse Collector” Frye who was quietly climbing over the fence.

She took a breath and fell down like a feather, stepping onto the lawn without making a sound.
/Wearing a black trench coat, holding a special revolver, Frye, with a high nose and thin lips, looked around cautiously, looking for possible ghosts or evil spirits.
He can see these things directly
Triss quietly approached Frye and walked around behind him. At some point, there was a dagger coated with “black paint” in her hand.
She struck out like a swift wind and stabbed the dagger into Frye’s lower back.
But at this moment, what she saw suddenly shattered, like an illusion.
Triss found herself still standing on the windowsill, still looking down at the lawn and the iron fence wall.
It’s just that outside the wall, there is no longer only “Corpse Collector” Fry, but also Leonard Mitchell, who is aiming at the window sill, and Dunn Smith, who has his eyes closed, his eyebrows pressed, and his body is half bowed. There seemed to be invisible ripples swaying around the Nighthawk Captain.
Triss’s pupils shrank, and she realized that it was just a dream, and she fell asleep at some point.
Pong Pong Pong
Leonard and Frye fired a total of three shots, accurately hitting the invisible target who seemed to have not yet awakened from his dream.
The outline of Triss’ figure emerged, first cracked, and then turned into fragments, turning into fragments of silver mirror with a rough surface.
Inside the house, she used the substitution spell to turn around and run quickly, running along the corridors and stairs until she reached the first floor.
In this layer, the wind is so cold that one would be frozen. The wind blows endlessly, and invisible and transparent figures wander around everywhere in a daze and numbness.
Triss, who had lost her invisibility effect, had her body temperature drop a little every time she passed through such a ghost-like existence. When she finally arrived at the altar, she was shivering uncontrollably.
The altar is a round table with a statue carved from bones placed in the center.
This statue is about the size of a normal adult man’s head, with only a vague outline of her eyebrows. She seems to be an extremely beautiful woman.
Her hair extended from her head to her ankles. The roots were clear and thick, like venomous snakes and tentacles.
And at the top of each hair, there is an eye, either closed or open, densely packed.
This evil statue was surrounded by numerous puppets, crudely made puppets, with names and corresponding information written on them, such as Joyce Meyer.
There were three candles on the round table, their dim yellowish green flames swaying in the cold howling wind.
Triss bowed to the statue and recited a mantra quickly.
Then she pushed away the puppet, extinguished the candle, and picked up the statue.
The wind blew loudly, causing the closed windows to shake violently.
The glass shattered with a clang, and the cold, lifeless wind blew