straight into the sky, spinning and scattering flames flying like burning fire rain.

straight into the sky, spinning and scattering flames flying like burning fire rain.
“Ouch!” Fu roared, took a breath, and roared. At this moment, I had already walked in front of it, looked up at this huge monster, smiled and said, “Are you done roaring?”
It was stunned, and I pointed my finger on it, and the golden light suddenly shot through its body. Blood splattered on his head, and he screamed, eyes filled with pain, and fell heavily to the ground.
The huge body fell heavily, the body twitched slightly, and a lot of blood flowed from the head, staining the ground in front of him red. But after Fu fell, the surrounding situation did not get out of control. To be precise, the situation at Crow Ridge Castle did not get out of control.
The women in white clothes all had expressionless faces, but they looked very calm. Their expressions did not change at all, and they did not even twitch the corners of their eyes in response to the collapse. Furthermore, there was the guy holding his head, who seemed to be one of the people in charge in Crow Ridge Castle. When he saw Fu fall, his expression showed a trace of surprise, but the surprise disappeared immediately. It seems that being killed by me is no big deal. What probably surprised him was that my abilities were somewhat unexpected.
/“Come out the black skull!” I took out the Tianxie Wandering Talisman and flicked it gently. As soon as I finished speaking, black wind blew up, and then the black skull condensed into shape from the wind. A ferocious smile floated out in the sky.
“Why are you calling me? Boy.” It looked at the top of Crow Ridge Castle, and its voice sounded a little solemn. “This place is no joke. I heard about this place before I was imprisoned in Sanjiang Ghost City. This place “It’s very evil.”
“The group behind seems to be under some kind of evil spell and can’t move. Go and see if you can undo the evil spell.” I pointed back and said, and the black skull saw the group of people controlled by gray snowflakes. There seemed to be a glimmer of light in his empty, dark eyes. He flew over and circled around the crowd and then said to me: “You can solve it. These gray snowflakes are transformed by evil spirits. After being contaminated, their moral conduct will be poor or their character will not be firm.” It is easy for people to have evil spirits enter their bodies and control their consciousness. Although I can untie it, it will take some time. ”

One stick of incense at most.”
I nodded and shouted. , Jin Hu, wait for everyone to wake up and take people out. Qian Liyulang and the others are waiting outside to help, and leave here first.”
Jin Hu actually acted awkwardly at this time, and after a moment of hesitation, he shouted to me: “I am. Why should I listen to you? You take the others away
when I finish the sentence!” I suddenly turned around and glared at him, and then shouted: “It’s time, you have to listen to me? Why should I cut off the queen?”
Jin Hu choked at me. Although she was a little unconvinced, she was not stu