help, but ultimately failed. Of course, the possibility of thinking so is very low.

help, but ultimately failed. Of course, the possibility of thinking so is very low.
But if this idea is true, then who is the old man Long we met later? It’s incredible to think that he and his granddaughter, whose body has been occupied by the witch clan for so long, have been living together for more than 20 years, and they are actually safe and sound.
“If Old Man Long really died here, then who is the Old Man Long we saw?” I was muttering in confusion when a figure staggered from behind. I subconsciously turned around and saw a shaky figure slowly walking towards the entrance of the cave.
On the other side, in the haze of the forest, Luo Qiong walked up to Old Man Long with a water bag and whispered: “Old man, drink some water.”
Old Man Long waved his hand, sat on the ground and looked straight at Outside, his face looked ashen. Luo Qiong sighed. After sealing the water bag, he said, “Old man, we will go out and meet my brother when it gets light.”
/“Oh,” Old Man Long nodded and responded.
Luo Qiong pretended to smile and said: “Don’t think too much. Life is unpredictable. We will take you away from here in the future. The outside world is now very prosperous. There are high-rise buildings, busy traffic, TVs and telephones. We are thousands of miles apart. ” I can hear other people’s voices
even in high-rise buildings, so what if I can hear other people’s voices thousands of miles away?” Old Man Long’s words deeply hurt Luo Qiong. heart of.
In fact, Luo Qiong was in this lonely state before leaving Daheishan. After all, there were indeed not many good things in their village. Putting aside his mother, although his father felt quite tall in Luo Qiong’s impression, in fact he was just a man. That’s what happened. It is common to drink and beat him out of anger. If the family doesn’t take care of it, they will take him to the mountains all day long as if he is trying to die. Fortunately, there is a literacy class in the village, otherwise Luo Qiong would not be able to read a single Chinese character. After his father died, people in the village avoided him, saying that he grew up eating the food of hundreds of families. Is this Baijiafan the same thing as the Baijiafan in my impression? When people eat Baijia rice, they eat dumplings as a matter of course, and they eat huoshao as they do. The food of Baijia in Luoqiong was no more than what a dog could eat, even though the village was originally in a slump and everyone was having a hard time. But what’s the point of having a child? Earlier. Luo Qiong drank too much and told us that once, he was so hungry that he went to the village chief’s house to beg for some food. They took a dark bowl and put a mouthful of cake in it for him, and it smelled a bit sour. He also thanked the people profusely, but when he passed by the next day, he saw that the bowl was actually the bowl where the village chief’s dog ate. After that, he never went to the village chief’s house to ask for food.
Only people in the mountains understand the loneliness and hardship of th