m just a ruthless repeater… Klein used complaints to ease the pessimism and despair in his heart, and asked instead:

“How do you know that Silver City thinks the ‘Fool’ is you?”
He did not dare to say that Silver City still suspected that “The Fool” was the god Amon believed in now, for fear of angering him.
Amon laughed and said:
“Do you think I only have two clones in Silver City? Since you, the Fool, and the Hanged Man have intervened, I am happy to watch quietly.”
…There is still a clone of Amon in Silver City…Who will be parasitized there…Well, none of the members of the “Giant King’s Court” exploration team were “parasitized” before, that’s for sure… Klein tensed up. At the same time, he felt that this was natural, because Leonard once told him that seeing one Amon meant that there were a bunch of Amon lurking around, not just two or three.
Without thinking too much, Klein worked hard to regain the initiative and create opportunities:
“You don’t just take my destiny away because you can’t bear it now?”
Amon nodded calmly and said:
“Yes, so I want to make a peaceful deal with you.
“But since you refuse, then I can only take you to see my true form, to a safe enough place, and then take away your destiny. By then, your ending will not be as good as I just said ”
As he spoke, the man with black hair, dark eyes, a wide forehead and a thin face slowly stood up and walked towards the door. Klein stood up and followed behind, like a doll.
As he reached out to open the door, Amon seemed to have thought of a question. He pressed the monocle made of crystal, turned his body sideways, looked back at Klein and said:
In mysticism, the name corresponding to each being is not so strict. As long as the correct format and certain description can be used to narrow the scope to no ambiguity, it can point to the corresponding secret being. This means that no The reason why some cultists don’t understand occultism at all and make up some honorary names in a chaotic manner can gain feedback.
Of course, if the name is not given by the hidden existence, you will not be able to enjoy the “automatic response” treatment. Whether you can establish a connection depends on whether that existence is interested in the supplicant.
At this moment, Amon opened his mouth and read out what he had just thought:
“The protector of Backlund’s magic and theatrical performances…”
This “angel of time” and “blasphemer” didn’t speak for several seconds after finishing reading.
Then he laughed, very happily.
After he finished laughing, Amon pushed up the monocle on his right eye and said with a smile:
“Frankly, it’s interesting.
“You really don’t want to be my favored one?”
/Klein opened his mouth and said the familiar answer:
“just kill me.”
Hearing Klein’s answer, Amon smiled and shook his head. He reached out and opened the door and asked casually:
“How did you come up with such an honorable name?”
/“It is necessary to have a certain connection with oneself, and at the same time, it is necessary to avoid being lock