uickly glanced at it to make sure I wasn’t dazzled.

uickly glanced at it to make sure I wasn’t dazzled.
Although I can’t forget everything, I have become a habit of being forced to read by Mr. Tao over the years, and my memory has been trained very well. Normally, I only need to read a booklet of about ten pages like this seven or eight times to memorize it. But I have read this booklet for several days, and I have already memorized the contents thoroughly.
“Is there a new one?” I turned around and walked to the quilt. I touched it with my hand and took out the previous one. After comparing the two, I realized that this book seemed to be the successor to the previous one. In other words, this is the relationship between the upper and lower volumes!
My dear, I was a little disappointed because there was no follow-up to the last book, but that’s good, I don’t know who sent the next one. But this time the situation is different from last time, because this volume is not “picked up for free” by me.
/Someone sent it to me and I picked it up are two different concepts. When I got the first volume, I thought someone had left it in this room. Although I was a little uneasy, I was afraid that people would find it and ask me for it, or they might suspect that I had copied it from others. secret book, but this matter is very simple and has no hint of conspiracy. But this volume appeared strangely on my windowsill, and it was obvious that someone had deliberately opened the window and put this volume in, so the nature was different.
/Obviously someone deliberately wanted me to learn the exercises in these two books, and they were such profound and advanced exercises. If I thought this was someone deliberately giving me a big gift, then I would be too naive. There is never a free lunch in the world. No one will be nice to you for no reason, but there will be people who will be bad to you for no reason.
I sat on a chair with my legs crossed and lit a cigarette, thinking: There are three possibilities. The first is that someone uses me as a guinea pig. Maybe someone got these two books of unknown origins and couldn’t tell whether they were good or bad, so they wanted to find someone to give them a try, and I was the chosen one. The second type is that someone is secretly trying to harm me. Maybe they want to lure me into taking the bait, and then make me go crazy and kill myself after learning the exercises. But I read it over and over several times and there is nothing harmful about the exercises in the previous volume. Although it seems advanced, there is nothing incomprehensible.
That might be the third possibility, which I think is more nonsense. There are people who have the same enemies as me, such as Institute 507, such as the Haotian family. For some reason, this person cannot show up or help easily, so he needs my help to deal with these big forces. In order to enhance the success, I sent these two volumes of exercises.
But how did this person know that I was at the military home? Could it be someone from within the military family?
My heart pounded as I l