spoke after a while.

spoke after a while.
/“Killing the queen and making an alliance is just a trivial matter. I invite you all to come, but what I am doing is to gather our efforts to defeat the Western Cruise Ship and return home.”
/After the words fell, there was another silence in the palace.
Zhou Jijun never expected that the Jade Emperor would say these words directly, with righteousness and fearlessness. There were only two possibilities. First, he is the Jade Emperor’s sage, who puts righteousness first, and is not afraid of accurate mention and guidance. Secondly, the Jade Emperor has something to rely on, and there are only a few people in the world who are really not afraid of quasi-ment, such as the Taishang who sends his disciples to serve under the Jade Emperor.
However, what the Jade Emperor said was exactly what everyone was thinking, and cracking the puzzle of Journey to the West was a temptation that even Zhou Jijun could not refuse.
“There are too many variables in the Journey to the West. One move can affect the whole body. It is not easy to crack it.”
With a chuckle, Zhou Jijun said, looking aside, except for Zhao Gongming, Lu Ya, Zhen Yuanzi and Feng Junsheng all faced him. Revealed.
“Young master, what you said makes sense. It has been more than thirty years since the opening of the Western Cruise Ship Chapter. I think you have all tried it more or less. If you want to crack the Western Cruise Ship Chapter, there is only one way besides killing those four people, and that is to find out who else is there.” The ending will be broken.”
“How can anyone who can stand here not know?”
Lu Ya looked at the Jade Emperor meaningfully and said.
“Unless you take out the Journey to the West jade discs in the Dantian of those four people, it will be difficult to find the ending. The four people of Tang Xuanzang are the top priority of the game, and they must have backup plans. It is difficult to start with the four of them.
“That’s why we need to find another solution. ”
Jade Emperor said, looking at the five people present one by one, a thick smile appeared on his lips.
“A saint is not invincible. A wise man will make mistakes every time he thinks, and the same is true for saints. He would never have thought that the few of us could have a drink together, and with the combined efforts of the six of us, we could find out the ending of Journey to the West even without the jade plate of Journey to the West. .”
After the words fell, Lu Ya had a complicated expression on his face, a glimmer of hope flashed in the eyes of Zhen Yuanzi and Lord Fengfeng, and even Zhao Gongming was slightly moved.
“Your Majesty, why do you need to be so secretive? Since there is a good solution, let’s discuss it together.”
Zhou Jijun rubbed his brows and said, becoming more and more sure that the Jade Emperor must have the support of the Supreme Being, but there was a slight doubt in his heart. The Supreme Supreme Being secretly helped the Jade Emperor. Emperor, it’s hard to say whether it can be accomplished. Why didn’t