feet and walked to the side. He followed immediately, and the two of them walked to the open space about a hundred meters away from Li Yulang’s group.

feet and walked to the side. He followed immediately, and the two of them walked to the open space about a hundred meters away from Li Yulang’s group.
The surroundings were very dark, and distant light sources could not illuminate it, but in the darkness it seemed that one could see the light in Zhong Baibian’s eyes opposite him. It is said that when one reaches the level of enlightenment, there will be light in his eyes.
We kept a distance of about ten meters between us, and he said: “Life or death?”
“I think it’s better to stop here.” As he spoke, he was still thinking in his heart: Could this grandson want to kill me?
“Try your best.” Zhong Baba looked confident, and I couldn’t help but sneer on my face. Even though I knew that I was not his opponent, I couldn’t help but feel angry at being so despised by the other party. In addition, the former Li Yulang had no reason. Being injured by him made the anger in my heart even more intense. Isn’t he arrogant for eight years? I just want to see how much he weighs! The Earth Immortal is not a true Immortal, but he can really turn the world upside down?
However, when Zhong Baibian raised his hand, I knew how ridiculous my previous thoughts were. Even if the earthly immortal was not a real immortal, it was not something I could fight against.
I have suffered so many losses in my life that I can’t even count them, but every time I have been able to get my place back, and every time I have never despaired. When I first met Ying Long, I felt that the No. 0 team he led was unbelievably strong, but in the Ceyuan Immortal Mountain, I couldn’t tell the difference between east, west, and north.
It’s because I didn’t despair that I got to where I am today. But looking back, there were two moments in my life that nearly destroyed my fighting spirit. And this first moment was when I faced off against Zhong Ba8n for the first time.
/Although I don’t think I am a genius, many encounters have given me abilities beyond ordinary people. Even though I’m not invincible, I still think I’m standing at the top of the pyramid of the world. There doesn’t seem to be that much difference between Shaoyin and Taiyang.
I carried a pride I didn’t even feel, but it was shattered by the true genius of the world.
From the moment Zhong Ba8 raised his hand, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth suddenly stopped. Even the energy in my body began to overflow uncontrollably, as if Zhongbai was an endless black hole that would suck in all the energy in the world.
He didn’t take a step, didn’t say a word, or even made any unnecessary movements. He just slowly raised his right hand high in the cold night, raised his arm an inch, and the spiritual energy from heaven and earth rushed towards him even more crazily. . Everything seemed to be under his control, and nothing was beyond him, including me.
When his hand reaches the highest point above his head, his whole person seems to become a representative of the heaven and earth, the earth, the darkness behind it, and the cold wind blowi