Xin walked slowly in the territory belonging to the Lin family and along the seaside.

Xin walked slowly in the territory belonging to the Lin family and along the seaside.
After not coming back for so many years, the water here seems to have become clearer. The golden-red beach is covered with shells, and some hermit crabs quietly emerge from the small conches and crawl on the sand silently.
“This way, this way!”
Several children, dressed like fishermen’s children, ran towards this side in a noisy manner and passed by Lin Xin.
“Come and chase me!”
A little girl made a face.
“Don’t even think about running away!”
The little boys behind were out of breath from exhaustion and couldn’t catch up.
Lin Xin watched as several children passed by him and ran away quickly.
He stood quietly for a while, his mind spreading out in all directions, trying to integrate with every inch of the beach.
But it was immediately bounced back by an invisible force of rebound.
The beach is just a lifeless thing, with no meridians or spiritual veins. How can the consciousness of the soul be transmitted deeply through a medium?
It can’t even be passed inside, let alone combined with it.
“Where is the place of worship to the gods?”
Lin Xin regained consciousness and continued walking forward unconsciously.
/He has been to the Lin family for a long time. Apart from being familiar with it, his consciousness cannot be combined with the earth.
Unable to even combine with the place of his birth, Lin Xin didn’t know where his place of worship should be.
“Why don’t you go back and take a look?”
Lin Yaoyang’s voice came from behind.
When they arrived in Qiushi, it was naturally impossible to hide this from Lin Yaoyang, a landlord.
As soon as she received the report from her subordinates, she rushed over. As soon as she flew over, she saw her brother walking around on the beach alone and confused.
“It’s just a problem in practice. You can go back first and I will take action as I please.” Lin Xin turned around and smiled.
“Do you practice?” Lin Yaoyang repeated, “Okay, I won’t disturb you anymore.”
She nodded slightly and signaled the masters in the darkness around her to retreat together.
By the time Lin Xin came to his senses, Lin Yaoyang had already left with people. The surroundings began to become empty again.
“The place that suits me best.” He recalled what his senior brother Euro said.
He recalled the scenes he had experienced from time to time until now.
Fighting, battles, massacres, battles,
countless battles, countless pains, countless struggles.
“The place that suits me best is a place where there is both struggle and fighting.”
Suddenly, a trace of clarity flashed through his heart.
The empty spiritual tower.
/Lin Xin stood in the passage between the Void Spirit Towers, looking through the almost transparent crystal at the endless dark void outside.
“It’s so comfortable here.”
He dispersed his consciousness into many parts, and every substance here was like a dry sponge, calling him crazily.
Fighting, devouring, suffering, struggling.
The Void Spirit Tower i