e was when there was no Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

e was when there was no Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.
/Nowadays, you can see Audi and BMW everywhere on the road, and I have even seen such good cars as Ferrari and Lamborghini.
When the city was changing so fast that I didn’t even have time to react, the black skeleton had been following me for so long, especially in the past few years. It followed me everywhere, and we laughed and cursed. It never gave me a good look. If you get the chance, declare that you want to kill me. But when I really do it, it will stand in front of me every time, using up the last of its strength.
I know I have nothing to give it, the only thing I can give it is freedom, but sometimes I am also afraid. I am afraid that this evil ghost who has practiced Taoism for hundreds of years will leave me one day. In those lonely nights, the dark nights in the dense forest, because of its existence, I was never alone.
But it seems fate has been sealed. One day we will be separated. The day when my wings are full, that is when it embraces true freedom.
“I have spent such a long time in darkness. It was you, that brat, who took me out of the underground of Sanjiang Ghost City. From that time on, I owed you a debt of gratitude. Until today, I have never been free. But” A smile appeared on its ferocious face, “I said, the day I am free is when I kill you. But that day passed too far in wasted time. I can’t kill you now. Also. I don’t want to kill you. However, I still yearn for freedom. There is a way to be free without your permission. That is true freedom.”
The black skeleton floated to a corpse next to me. The black energy fell on the face of the corpse, but I heard it chuckle in a low voice: “This guy looks pretty good. As a coffin, it’s good.”
All the black energy floated into the corpse. The corpse suddenly opened its eyes, and a pair of dark eye holes emitted a terrifying light. Then he slowly stood up from the ground, moved his arms and then turned back to look at me, with a gentle smile on his pale face.
“Boy. The only person who can kill you is me, at least while I still exist.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the black energy was suddenly penetrated by a powerful spell, and Juya stood outside the black energy with an indifferent expression. Looking at us with a cold face.
“Who are you?” Zhuan Ya was slightly startled when he saw the black skeleton that was already attached to the corpse. He immediately recognized it and said, “So it’s you.”
The black skeleton raised his hand, and all the black energy returned to his hand. Turning into a spinning black ball, he said with an evil smile: “We haven’t finished the fight yet, how about we decide whether to live or die today?”
“Just you?” Zhuan Ya, who knew that he was already stronger than the black skeleton, sounded a little arrogant. .
“Haha, are you confident?” Black Skeleton just finished speaking. A large burst of black energy suddenly fell behind Zhuan Ya, and then the figure of the black skull disappeared in front of Zhuan Ya. Feeling something was wrong, Zhuan