Soon she was out of breath and kept coughing, but the sound was suppressed in her throat. Yuhou increased his strength little by little, and his life was drained from his hands. I seemed to be able to see Yanying’s soul almost leaving her body under the strong pressure.
Death is very close to this woman.
At the critical moment, I roared at Yanying’s monkey mouth.
It had been hiding behind Yuhou, lowering its head cowardly. Although it wanted to resist, it could only whimper.
“Monkey! That’s the person who raised you from childhood! If she hadn’t brought you down from the mountain, if it hadn’t been for her, you would have been in that unknown mountain. Died in the miserable cold wind! She was right I said, you are her only relative in this life, her last relative! If I hadn’t saved you, how could she have ended up like this? Monkey, you just watched her die like this? Are you going to die?”
I roared wildly, and Yanying’s monkey stared at me, then slowly lowered his head.
“Fuck you! I’ve long seen that you are a boneless waste.”
The fat man in the distance also cursed.
The monkey is enjoying the pleasure of killing, and no matter who the human being is, it sees the same thing. It wanted to take revenge on the woman in front of it for the humiliation it had just suffered. As the monkey king, its dignity is far more important than life.
Yanying gradually gave up her resistance, as if she no longer had much nostalgia. The panic in her eyes slowly disappeared and she looked at the cowardly little monkey. That cowardly, scared figure who had been with her for a long time.
If she could speak, maybe she would say goodbye to her last relative.
Accept death peacefully, close your eyes, and nostalgia turns into the last drop of tear flowing from the corner of your eyes and falling gently to the ground.
All the memories, the memory of holding it starving in the dark night on the Lonely Mountain, the past of wandering with it in the big city, the bitter days of sharing a banana together.
It’s finally over.
I roared crazily.
/An excited and cruel smile appeared on Yuhou’s face. The life in front of him was about to disappear. Killing someone might satisfy his excitement!
But at this moment, a high-pitched roar sounded behind him. The monkey turned around, and a figure rushed over, hitting it hard in the face with a fist, and the strong force knocked the monkey away several meters. After releasing his hand, he tilted his head and stepped aside.
Yanying took a long breath, opened her eyes and saw the furry figure standing in front of her.
At that time, he was still young, as helpless as the wild monkeys in the mountains, with a cute face.
And now. It was already so tall, standing in front of her like an iron tower, protecting her just like she had done many years ago.
At that time. She rushed out of the house holding it, preferring to starve to death rather than sell it.
At this moment, it stood in front of her, resisting the aloof monkey king