Just as Lin Yun was thinking about whether to go to the Fire Rock Dwarf Tribe, a dark elf suddenly ran in hurriedly from outside.

Just as Lin Yun was thinking about whether to go to the Fire Rock Dwarf Tribe, a dark elf suddenly ran in hurriedly from outside.
“Report to the master, second elder, a group of fire rock dwarves is coming!”
The second elder asked quickly: “Where are they?”
“Waiting in the square in front.”
/“Take us there.”
Lin Yun followed the second elder. When they arrived at the front of the dark elf tribe, they immediately saw the outside of the square. An army of thousands of fire rock dwarf warriors was waiting there, and there was a lone person occupying the square.
Lin Yun couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this person.
The jet black robe had a black mage tower logo on it. Who could it be if it wasn’t Weiss whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.
Lin Yun looked at Weiss and immediately remembered what Ses said before. Antus had a trace of Constanzo’s blood. After his death, the Watson family would have no way to enter the kingdom of gods and demons.
There is also a person in the Black Tower who has this kind of blood, which can open the portal to the Kingdom of Gods and Demons in Constanzo. Unexpectedly, since the battle against Orachis, the people in the Black Tower have actually entered the Kingdom of Gods and Demons. .
And from the looks of it, the people from the Black Tower seem to have established a firm foothold in the Fire Rock Dwarf tribe. Especially Weiss’s aura has become stronger. Now he has reached the peak level of the eighth-level Titled Mage. Look. His aura kept churning, and it seemed that he could not stabilize it, and it seemed that he was not far away from becoming a ninth-level titled mage.
Weiss stood in the center of the square with one hand behind his back and a hint of pride on his face. However, when he saw Lin Yun walking in the front and the people from the dark elf tribe following behind, his face suddenly showed a look of shock.
The next moment, Weiss’ expression became complicated, looking like he had mixed feelings.
“Good day, Sir Weiss.”
/Lin Yun bowed slightly and said hello as a mage.
With a sigh on his face, Weiss bowed slightly: “Good day, Lord Merlin. I didn’t expect that I haven’t seen you for so long. You have already broken through to the title of Mage. Your talent is really enviable.”
Lin Yun glanced at the station. The fire rock dwarf army outside the square took another look at Weiss.
“Your Excellency Weiss, have you received the summons from the Fire Rock Dwarf King? Are you negotiating on behalf of the Fire Rock Dwarves?”
Weiss glanced at Lin Yun with a complex expression, and after a long while, he sighed.
“Your Excellency Merlin, you have a good friendship with our Black Tower. I really can’t bear to see a crack in our friendship. This time, I can only advise you to stop.”
Weiss shook his head with a wry smile.
But you don’t know many things. Since we were separated last time, a lot of things have happened, too many things have happened. The major things that happened in the previous twenty years combined are not as many as these da