st.” Wei He already had doubts in his heart. .

st.” Wei He already had doubts in his heart. .
/Is the purpose of these people to deliberately let people go, or is it to use them as bait to lure snakes out of their holes?
He is unknown.
All he knew was that the Dibang guy had to be dealt with as soon as possible.
Dare to frame him in front of him.
If he hadn’t saved something a long time ago, he might have gotten into trouble now.
Of course, it’s just a minor inconvenience.
But now, since he has guaranteed that the drug will be punished and meritorious service will be given by Minister Carter, then this operation must be done as fully as possible.
“Although those three people are nominally following my orders, they are all illuminators, a privileged class, and they are also senior officials in the army. They have a certain degree of autonomy in action. They cannot command.”
To put it bluntly, above the level of illuminators, this Experts at this level can ignore even a little trouble.
Therefore, if you want to drive the Illuminators, you usually have to use greater interests and glory to persuade them.
In fact, there is some enlightenment among the people, but not many are practical. There are many such as Professor Freud.
This is really useless on the front line, except for crushing cannon fodder.
Wei He drove slowly away from the end, while starting to write a written report to the head of the Khatri headquarters.
Only halfway through writing, Wei He suddenly had an idea in his mind.
The one he had just seen flashed through his mind, the Great Knight’s Colony.
The appearance, color, and style of the great knights of the Knossus Empire were all completely memorized by him.
‘Since no one wants to deal with it, I’ll do it myself! A stern look
flashed in Wei He’s eyes. Although the head of the Intelligence Department was powerful, he still had no control over him.
As a deputy minister, he only obeys the instructions of the head of the headquarters.
At this time, dozens of kilometers away from Hongguang Road, there was a damaged opening in the Silver Belt District for external repairs.
Several flying cars quickly approached the damage.
Their purpose is to use the damage from here to take the external spacecraft to leave the Silver Belt area.
Di Bang was sitting in one of the speed cars, his face pale.
They had planned it well.
Unexpectedly, the policemen from the Ministry of Security suddenly rushed up and surrounded them.
In just a few minutes, more than ten cavalrymen fell to death.
If Dibang himself hadn’t been behind the scenes for his family’s help, he would have been caught by the police just now.
At this time, he was using a special modified terminal to say this to another person.
“No matter where you go, don’t come back. Go ahead…don’t worry about home. Grandpa is here, everything is fine…” A familiar voice came from the other end of the communication.
/If Wei He were here, he would probably instantly recognize that it was the Intelligence Director Olastin who had just communicated with him.