onsciously, and it happened to collide with a pair of shadowed eyes.

“Dark Angel” Sasril, who was sleeping on the iron-black throne, opened his eyes.
With a bang, the body of Lovia, the elder of the “Six-person Council”, collapsed and turned into a large shadow.
A pair of blank but painful eyes were vaguely revealed behind the shadow.
When he discovered that the “Dark Angel” had woken up, Klein only felt tense and alert. He did not feel too panic or nervous. After all, he had initially confirmed that the real “Dark Angel” had returned to the ancient Sun God’s body. After being betrayed by beings such as the “Lord of Storms”, the “Eternal Sun” and the “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”, they were dominated by negative and extreme emotions. They were reborn on the corpses and evolved into the “True Creator”. They did not return here, and the remaining At most, it’s just some spirit and will.
Moreover, he had just had a relatively normal exchange with the remaining spirit of “Dark Angel” Saslier, and did not feel any obvious hostility from the other party.
But as Silver City’s “Six-person Council” elder Lovia opened her eyes after the “Dark Angel” opened her eyes, she lost control without any resistance and turned into a flowing shadow and eyes hidden behind the shadow curtain. Klein’s pupils dilated uncontrollably, and the corners of his mouth raised sharply. Strong fear and despair emerged in his heart, as if he was watching himself falling into an abyss, but there was no life-saving straw to grab.
Just waking up from a deep sleep, without using extraordinary abilities or showing the form of a mythical creature, caused a Sequence 4 demigod of this path to lose control on the spot. What a terrifying personality this is!
At this moment, all that came to Klein’s mind was the title he had been chanting in his heart before:
The left hand of God, the deputy king of heaven, the king of angels among the kings of angels!
/It’s not that Klein has never dealt with the King of Angels. On the contrary, he has frightened the “Red Angel” Medici, made a deal with the “Angel of Dreams” Adam, and obtained the entrance fee from the “Angel of Wisdom” Herabergen. The key to this palace was obtained from the “Pure White Angel” Oseikus, and he used the real name of the “Wind Angel” to help him, and cracked his “destiny cycle” in front of the “Angel of Destiny” Ourolius. ”, he has had many battles of wits and courage with the “Angel of Time” Amon, and can be called the one below sequence 0, who has the most interactions with the kings of angels.
However, in most of these divine interactions, he either did not fight with the kings of angels, or relied on the power of “Origin Castle” to escape instantly or cut off contact, and never faced the kings of angels and gods in a real sense. , the only exception was that time when he was caught by “Angel of Time” Amon, and they fought many times in just a few days.
But at that time, it was mainly a battle of wits, not a battle. The “Angel of Time” Amon showed more of the characteristi