tock accounts. In addition…”

tock accounts. In addition…”
Senior Brother Guan looked up at the wall clock, “There are still 7 minutes left, Taiwan The Taiwan Stock Exchange will open soon.”
“Starting today?”
Liao Yingzhu asked confusedly, looking at the lights outside. Until now, she had not come back to her senses.
Senior Brother Guan nodded solemnly.
Taking another deep breath, Liao Yingzhu’s eyes finally regained clarity. He waved his hand carelessly and said with great enthusiasm:
/“Buy Huashi!”
“How much?”
“Full warehouse!”
“Uh. …” Senior Brother Guan hesitated, remembering Zhao Song’s explanation of full support, then nodded and asked: “At what price should the stop loss line be set?”
There were surprised looks in the room. In the meantime, Liao Yingzhu shook his head and said:
“The warehouse will be cleared in four days, let us earn some pocket money first!”
If you love someone, send him to the stock market! But he cried bitterly there; because it was hell!
If you hate someone, send him to the stock market! But he was beaming there; because it was heaven!
“Gently hold your face
and wipe away your tears.
This heart will always belong to you.
Tell me no longer alone.”
1986, that year, was the International Year of Peace. To commemorate that year of peace, Michael Jackson composed music and lyrics, and Many American stars sang “We are the world”. In the same year, many stars from Wanwan Xiangjiang sang “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, which was created by Luo Dayou. Of course, the mainland was not to be left behind, with “Let the World Be Full of Love” created by Guo Feng. Singing at the Capital Stadium.
Also in that year, the chief designer presented a Feile speaker stock with a face value of 50 yuan to John Verlin, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, at the Great Hall of the People. Four days later, John Verlin came to Shanghai City. I knocked on the door of Jing’an Sales Department, No. 1806, Nanjing West Road, just to transfer the name on the paper stock to my own.
/As a result, the chairman of the largest stock exchange in the world at that time and the smallest trading teller in the world at that time came together to the song “Let the World Be Full of Love”.
By the time the Shanghai Stock Exchange was established in 1990, the return on investment of that 50 yuan par value stock was as high as…2152 times!
Time flies and the world has changed, 15 years later.
2001, June 21, nine o’clock in the morning.
The Jing’an Exchange at No. 1806 Nanjing Shanghai has long since disappeared. Whether intentionally or coincidentally, or amid the singing of “Let the World Be Full of Love”, the Tesla Shanghai flagship store No. 1806 ushered in a new day of opening. The bel canto singing skills of several Shangyin girls made the passers-by stop in their tracks one after another. In less than a moment, Nanjing West Road was blocked with water!
Amid the singing, the Shanghai Stock Exchange opened.
Shenzhou Technology’s opening price was 10.38, with a total market value of 40.3 billion y